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Poneer "Elite" DV-79AVi versus Oppo BDP -103 / SD Only

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Hi Guy`s ,

Comparing ONLY SD :

Would the Oppo BDP-103 be a step up compared to my "Elite" DV-79AVi ?

We all know that the `79 had issues right out of the gate as far as video quality , sound quality is very hard to beat , unless you happen to have a PD-65.

So , given that info , would you say the Oppo would be better than my current `79 ?

I know the Oppo`s have always tested very good , some of the best , but speaking not for BlueRay and considering I mostly use a digital connection for music , even though I have a few SACD`s , that would be feed analog to my DSP-A1.

The other reason is that I have the Samsung UN46F8000 frown.gif and can not get audio to the tv via HDMI and I have a ton of tv shows on dvd , I am thinking the Oppo BDP-103.

Any suggestions would be appreciated , many thanks , in advance smile.gif

Later biggrin.gif

Gary 
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Given the issues with the 79avi, I would guess that the BDP-103 would be better. However, the BDP-83 used the DVDO video chip which has the best 480i deinterlacing on the planet, not sure how the Marvel video chip used in the last the Oppo players compares but it should be just fine.

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Hi Larry ,

Thanks for your reply and help smile.gif

Maybe I will try the HDMI switcher thing , but I am trying to eliminate as many wires as possible.

The F8000 os so weird eek.gif , I dug my old Sony DVP57 out of mothballs to try the component in to the F8000.
In doing so I can select that input BEFORE I turn on the player , now , why can`t I do that with my DV79 ????

That is the buggiest tv I have ever seen / bought / looked at / messed with , well , you get the point !

It seems that every day , I will find a new bug. Sometimes my apps go missing and I have to rearrange the "My Apps " settings , sometimes menu stuff is greyed out , but when I restart the tv , then they are back.

I have no choice but to deal with it frown.gif , but I tell ya` , I will never buy another Samsung tv.

If Sony would have made an XBR in a 46/47" size , I would have that , but NO , Sony wants to go big or go home !!

OK__ take care smile.gif

Later ,

Gary 
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I would think that any new player would work just fine with your new Samsung panel.

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Hi Larry ,

Yes it was the Pioneer`s age that is the culprit for not getting audio via HDMI , to bad , but hey I can still use it , just have to power up the old 5,1.

I picked up a PS3 , and hooked it up last night and I do get audio from the HDMI connection out to the F8000 , so I can use that for watching whatever non DD/DTS dvd`s I have , and just use the `79 for movies and 5.1.

At least I want have to mute or turn down the tv volume anymore !! eek.gif

Thanks agin for all your help smile.gif

Later ,

Gary 
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O____ , at least for right now , I want be picking up an Oppo either.

All that would do is temp me into buying Star Wars and LoTR`s , and after that , well you know what would happen.

I would want to change over to Blue-Ray , can`t really see that.

If I had just a few movies , maybe , but I could start my own video store !!

I would be to tempted , sure , I`ll probably pick up a BR here and there and maybe a couple of 3D movies , but a complete change over ??? That`s not happening.

Of course one leads to 2 leads to 3 .... NO , I have more will power than that eek.gif

Later biggrin.gif

G. 
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The PS3 plays BDs. There's plenty of BDs $10 and under at Amazon. smile.gif
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Hi Larry ,

Yup , I just might pick up a few that are on sale wink.gif

O__BTW , if you own a PS3 and are into driving games , I would wait for the price to drop on GRID 2 , the first one was better.

At least the 1st one that was released for Mac OS a few months ago , it is hard to explain , but GRID 2 , just does not have all the cool stuff that the 1st one had.

OK__ thanks for the tip ! biggrin.gif

Later ,

Gary 

If you are wondering why I even bothered with GRID 2 , the 1st one is just way to graphics intensive for my MBP-R and Mini , they run way too hot eek.gif !
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