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seeking subwoofer under $300, wood grain (not black)

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I want to buy a non-black subwoofer with some sort of wood grain cabinet. A vinyl simulation probably counts.

My budget is $300.

My room is 15x22. I listen mostly to movies and music at moderate volumes, and don't watch movies with a lot of sound effects. My receiver is a 50wx2 Marantz NR1430. I have right and left speakers, but no surround system, and don't contemplate getting one. My speakers are currently large Advents (actually 5012s), but I'll probably get something more modern later. (I had Infinity Primus p363s over the weekend, and they sounded a lot better than the Advents, but being black they also don't fit my wife's decorating standards, so back to Frys they went.)

I know that Polk makes some cherry grain woofers (psw110, psw225) that seem to fit the bill. Are there other options?


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From the linked page the Premier Acoustics are a good value, they're cherry with a piano black top.

Some of the Boston Acoustics subs are also available with a cherry finish and they are a respected company but I can't comment on performance: http://www.amazon.com/Boston-Acoustics-Classic-CPS10Wi-Wireless/dp/B002R0DXBO/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1369707654&sr=8-5&keywords=boston+acoustics+classic+sub

The Wharfdale SW150 is available in a variety of colors but again no idea of the quality of the sub itself and not alot of info is available.

And if your short on space the Morduant Short Carnival 7 could be an option as well, although it's likely a step down in performance from Polk's entry level Psw10 which I believe is cheaper and possibly available in cherry.

Hopefully someone else can chime in on what the best option is as I couldn't dig up much on anything other than the Premier Acoustics subs, but if you can get past the gloss black top on the Premier Acoustics subs I hear they are a very good value when compared to similarly priced big box store offerings.
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I probably can't do a black top. I will check out the others, though.

Thanks for the information.
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You could always buy a black sub (opening up alot more choices) and veneer it with wood grain yourself
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Tell your wife to settle for black, or raise the budget.
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Read the customer reviews on amazon.com before you consider an Acoustic Audio sub. They are way over-specced, at best you'll get an unreliable sub with similar output to the Polk psw10.

The specs on the Aviano and Carnival 9 look a little sketchy.
The cheaper Carnival 9 lists 25hz-150 frequency response while the Aviano 7 lists 32hz-200hz...
Otherwise it looks like a couple of subs worth looking into, if you can find any reviews.

The Polks may not be the best performers around compared to subs like the Premier Acoustic's but they are probably the safest bet for a good name with plenty of decent reviews and good reliability.

Unless the Morduant's are some sort of hidden gem, (we probably would have known that by now...), diy veneering is the best suggestion yet.
There are quite a few better performing subs out there in this price range that are only available in black.
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