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New home audio and Sonos questions

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Ok, so I have been researching about speakers to be put in the home in a couple of months and today I found out about Sonos.

Can someone explain how it works? I guess my question is if one goes the Sonos route do they not buy a receiver and 5.1 speakers.

Do you have to buy the Sonos speakers and soundbar, and how do these speakers compare to regular speakers.

Since, I have not invested in any of the stuff yet except for the receiver which I can return I am just trying to find out if I should go the sonos route or is sonos is in addition to the HT system.
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lots of questions but....this is what i can tell

Sonos is good for playing music and stream it wireless to any point on the house where you put the speaker. You connect the "sonos bridge" to your wireless router.. and then you can connect any sonos speaker to the "sound network"

with sonos you get a lot of streaming audio functions from your cellphone, or services from spotify, pandora etc....

if you have 4 sonos speakers in the house each speaker can play its own music or you can have all playing the same music, that is up to the user. if you are having a party you can take the speaker out to play music..

i think that sonos will not work for a 5.1 setup they are much better options. Sonos is great for JUST music from streaming devices and services. and also if you bought a hosue already built and running wires is not your think.

With some recievers you get "multizone" but you need to run a wire to each speaker...also some of the 500 to 700 reciever are only 2 powered zones... some of them in the 900 or 1000 have three powered zones.

it is up to you to decide if you are only listening music just get sonos and move around the speaker to where ever you are....

if you want to watch tv and movies.. get a proper reciever with speakers and sub.
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