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Hi Everyone.
Can anyone confirm that chennal 11.1(52) is ON or OFF the AIR. I have zero signal streagth on my SR-HD5 STB. All of the other channels are still at 100%.
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I get no signal from WTVD-DT on my OTA STB and no video or audio from them on TWC either.
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I've had trouble with 11-1 over the past few days as well. It was out most of yesterday. Luckily it came back before Alias.
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Yep, I saw WTVD-DT on lastnight.
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This is not HD related per se, but pretty close.

I use the Time Warner Digital Cable service. I connect the audio signal from my digital cable box to my HT receiver via analog cables through my Tivo. I do not have a HD set or a HD cable box, this is just the standard Scientific Atlanta digital box that TWC uses.

I watch Fox programing in TWC channel 251 to take advantage of the clean digital signal. I have noticed that the surround sound signal on this channel appears to be reversed, ie: the sounds that should come from the left channel come from the right and vice versa. It is fairly easy to notice this when watching programs like "The Simpsons" that use many surround effects.

I would not discount a problem or mis-cabling on my system except that I have tested it many times and I have no audio problems on any other channel, analog or digital.

Any idea what might be wrong here? I have mailed the TV station, have heard nothing back.
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Sorry, I hadn't noticed that particular problem and I never watch The Simpsons. But, I have noticed reversed front Left & Right audio ocassinally on Fox during animated shows in the past but those toons had very little surround info so it could have affecting the surrounds also.

Has anybody noticed a reduction in signal strength from WTVD-DT ABC 11(52.1) for the last week or two? I'm approximately 77 miles south of their transmitters. WTVD's signal use to be equal to WRAL & WNCN's signal strength and WRAZ's was about half(since WRAZ is at reduced power). For the last couple weeks WTVD's signal has been as low as WRAZ or slightly lower.
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Daryl, are you meaning to say that WRAZ is at reduced power?


I have not noticed any surround sound to speak of when I watch the Simpsons OTA on 50.1 but since WRAZ does not yet broadcast 5.1 sound any surround action you get should be Pro-Logic which has mono surrounds anyway. It might be some issue with TW, the cable box, who knows. I would sy to call up TWC and run it by them.
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Lee L,

Yes I ment to say WRAZ. I corrected it above.
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I just noticed this weekend that WRAL was running 5.1 sound during the HD basketball. Very clear sound (when a 3 pointer would hit only net it was quite startling) but I did not get very much sound on the surround channels. Looks like we are good to go for the Masters.
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Just wanted to update those with TWC about the newest STB options. I had mentioned earlier that there was talk about the SA 4200HD being available by the end of 1st qtr 2003. Well, obviously, we're past that point and I have bad news about the possibility - none.

After talking to the Divisional Managers, they have decided not to go with the SA 4200HD. I'm not sure at to the actual reasoning behind it, but there were hints about the unwanted Tech support issues from the integrated DOCSIS modem. They may not want to have to force a $45.00/month charge to those that just want HDTV, since they will also have cable modem access capabilities. But, that's just speculation on my part, so don't go quoting me

On to the good news: I was told that the management and engineering staff decided instead to opt for the SA 3250HD model. It is basically the same unit, without the DOCSIS modem integration, rather the normal head end modem for VOD and other stuff, yet still allowing online upgrade capabilities in the future. It will have more input capabilities, like 720P, and then, more importantly, aspect ratio control. This is the huge limiting factor to the SA 3100HD for many customers, especially those that have 4:3 HDTV sets.

I was told that they have 4200 units (actual number of unit ordered, not to be confused with the 4200HD model) on order for central NC, and they should be available aroung the middle of May. They could not tell me what options they opted for, such as DVI and Firewire. I was told that some of these options may come disabled, but upon request, could be enabled. I know this is a smart Tech Support move, and hopefully this is how it will come, as I really want the DVI and the IR Blaster would be very useful too.

If you are not familiar with the SA 3250HD box, or you just want to read more about it, go here for the PDF file:

I also posted this news in the HDTV Hardware section: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=240990

Also, another possible reason for not opting for the 4200HD, is that they are also getting the SA 8000 PVR version STB. It is not the HD version, but I guess they're really getting hammered with requests for PVR capabilities. Unfortuantely, once people get these boxes, they'll quickly realize the limitiations of them. But, as long as I get at least one box that allows for Aspect Ratio Control, I'll be happy. I will keep using my HTPC for PVR functions.
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Thanks for the info Techru. By the way, if you have an HD box from TWC, USA Network's HD broadcast of The Masters will be on cable channel 225 for the Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville area viewers.

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Any idea how to get in on the early updates/testing of the new 3250HD units?

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Due to extensive testing by the engineering dept. and the management team, there will not be an actual "testing" group. They are fully satisfied with the unit's capabilities and just ordered the amount of units mentioned above for the central NC region. I am "listed" on a very unofficial list to get the first unit, in the beginning of May hopefully. But, I would not be surprised at all if hundreds of customers get them before I do

Calling the CSRs will be fruitless, as none of them have been given any data as to the option of a different STB even being considered. If you even mention HDTV, they all automatically go into SA 3100HD STB mode, as that is all the info they have ever been given. Most of the time, they can't even reliably answer questions about the SA 3100HD.

The management team decided that they will only let the CSRs know about the SA 3250HD availability once they actually have them in stock. I guess this will be in hopes to reduce confusion.

I promise, once they do come in, I will post back about the availability and how the set actually works and performs. If you currently have the SA 3100HD, you will be able to swap it for the SA 3250HD upon request. If you are getting new service, and the box is available, you would be wise to "specifically" request the SA 3250HD, if you want to make sure you get it over the SA 3100HD, as they still have thousands of those units to hand out.
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just an fyi to clear up some confusion: hope you are all well...jimmy


The Masters can be seen in the full glory of High Definition Thursday, April 10th through Sunday, April 13th on WRAL-DT.

WRAL-DT can be found on digital over the air channel 5.1 or on digital cable channel 255. AGAIN, ALL FOUR DAYS OF MASTERS ACTION WILL BE CARRIED ON WRAL-DT.

WRAL-DT (5.1/255)
Friday: 4:00p-6:30p
Sat: 3:30p-6:30p
Sun: 2:30p-7:00p
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I'm new to HDTV and HTPCs. From the HTPC forums, members have suggested I post here, in my local HDTV forum for help.

I'm receiving OTA only and am roughly 17.7 miles from the cluster of transmitters. With my antenna mounted outside, my HTPC signal strength meter finds signal strength above 85% on ABC, CBS, and FOX 99.9% or more often. On NBC at the same orientation, my strength isn't as good - but that's a different story.

My question is regarding ABC and CBS. I understand from it's pioneering efforts and further updates from this form that WRAL is very concerned with producing a high quality HDTV product.

Using my HTPC, though, I experience video stutter (momentary lock-ups) a few times every five minutes. Normally the audio persists but sometimes the dropout lasts longer and I experience audio stutter as well. One poster in the HTPC forums mentions that using the SW based decoding card I'm using rather than hardware that signal issues will tend to be reflected as this type of stutter, whereas in a hardware based solution (HTPC or STB) this issue would tend to manifest itself as pixelization.

From reviewing the posts here I wouldn't expect to experience any of this type of behavior with WRAL, I'm not sure about WTVD. I've been receiving HDTV with the antenna (CM 4228 with rotator) outside for over a week now and I always experience these issues.

Does anyone here have any helpful ideas?

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Hey all, just wanted to say hey. I'm in Durham and I got my HD setup up and running the week before the Super Bowl, with my OTA setup the actual day of the SuperBowl. I'm a DirecTV subscriber and get HDNet, the 198 PPV/other stuff they show (like NBA tonight).

My OTA signals vary. During the CBS broadcast of the Syracuse/Kansas Final Four Championshiop, I had constant drops from 77% to 0. Was it my setup or were others in the area experiencing the same thing?

But really, just wanted to check in and subscribe to this thread to stay in the loop of our local stuff.

Right now, I'm just hoping for ESPN-HD on DirecTV soon.
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I had a similar problem during the NCAA final as well as a few other dropouts during some CBS programming last week (i.e., CSI on Thursday nite). I thought it was just me. The Masters on Sunday, however, was fine.
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Originally posted by SteveFitz1

I had a similar problem during the NCAA final as well as a few other dropouts during some CBS programming last week (i.e., CSI on Thursday nite). I thought it was just me. The Masters on Sunday, however, was fine.

I'm really hoping it was a CBS broadcast problem, but I have to say it was pretty annoying and fairly frequent.

You all think my Channel Master STEALTHtenna # 3010 in my attic is sufficient for receiving the RDU are HD signals OTA?
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That's the same setup I have...Stealth Antenna in my attic. I normally get a signal strength of 85-90 for WRAL-HD. Last week when I was having the problems, it was fluctuating wildly...even dropping into the 20s and 30s at times. I'm hoping it was something on the originating end since the signal strength has been solid the last couple of days. What kind of signal strength do you normally see?
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The next couple of nights, I'm going to do some data gathering of signal strength. I haven't been able to find WB HD. It'd be nice to see Smallville in HD.
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Hey Folks,
I received two phone calls from viewers last week experiencing the same type of signal breakup. We went back and tested our signal processing and distribution and all of the specs on our end were/are fine.

However, this does bring up the interesting point of foliage and wind. It was quite windy last week, and as the foliage around your house grows into the spring, the potential for signal breakup is higher. In particular, the pine needle of a pine tree is the approximate size of rf 53. Thus, last week, the pine needles were wet, the foliage was growing, the wind was blowing etc...not a perfect dtv reception environment.

All the folks who have contacted me have had indoor antennas in the attic. I believe that all of them have had a stealth antenna, but I cannot be sure...Unfortunately, a typical attic cuts signal reception in half. If you have metal siding (that is rare these days) or composite shingles, the signal will be even lower.

We need to somehow gather a list of those who had a problem, plot the location, set up etc...and figure out a solution. It very well may be something as simple as switching out an antenna.

For all those who experienced problems please send me emails with your location and system specs...

Thanks you all and sorry for any trouble,
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I've been enjoying my HDTV setup since December and I have to admit that I have't watched this much CBS since I was a kid watching The Muppet Show. However, I have to say that my wife and I are really getting annoyed with that "It's All Here" commercial for CBS HDTV. It's on every commercial break!

Now I know people are going to say "Don't bash WRAL" and I'm not. But since Mr. Goodmon is nice enough to answer questions on this thread I thought I'd ask it here. Why doesn't CBS sell this advertising time to make money instead of advertising CBS in HDTV to the people who are watching CBS in HDTV?

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I get 78 strength but blank picture - Is something up with the channel?
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Originally posted by skelm
I get 78 strength but blank picture - Is something up with the channel?

While I can't say for sure, NBC comes and goes for me. With my Silver Sensor I get all the other "close" stations at 151 degrees, but NBC is hit and miss. Right now I'm not getting it (67% signal but it's jumping between that and zero pretty frequently), but I was this morning.
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To answer the first question in this thread, Go to the following thread to find other users in the Triangle Area in North Carolina - Take the poll!

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Hi All,

I just read about this Digital Video Recorder and I assume that it is not HD... anyone know for sure?

Thanks for the info...

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Originally posted by gfsiii
Hi All,

I just read about this Digital Video Recorder and I assume that it is not HD... anyone know for sure?

Thanks for the info...


Nope, it's not HD. In my opinion, it's barely even a DVR. I own a TiVo, and the TiVo has a much better feature set. Of course you'll pay $250 for the TiVo and $12.95 a month (or $300 once) for service, so what TWC is offering is cheaper.

Nobody (AFAIK) has a HD DVR yet, but TiVo does has a reference design they announced at CES. Here's the press release.
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The Scientific Atlanta 8000, which is what TWC is using is not HD but there have been rumors that SA is working on an extension to the line that would record HD but who knows when it will be available. TWC has been testing the 8000 in a few markets and has had quite a few issues with it. They have been correcting them with new software though but there were still some open issues the last I read. There are a few threads around AVS if you want to search for people's comments. I think there are a couple in the TiVo forum as well.
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Anybody having problems with a total lack of sound on ABC 11-1 right now (10:35pm - Charlie's Angels), or is it just me? 11-2 has sound, but it's a real drag watching the movie in standard def.
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pkscout - I experienced the same problem. Sound only available when local ABC news blip shown. Sound restored at the end of CA. Pre-amp indicated a 5.1 signal while this was occurring, so it certainly seemed that something had gone wrong at the source. I finished up on 11-2 as well.
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