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Help!!! Pioneer Elite Pro 700HD...

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Ok, so a while ago I acquired a pioneer elite pro 700 HD unit. The tv has been great and the HD holds up to all my other TVs in the home. Well a couple weeks ago the tv started to Dim and get brighter in certain scenes, I noticed that it is more pronounced when there are words on the screen such as credits when a show starts, or when a scene goes from night to day or vice versa. Also if there is a dark scene on the screen and people on there it's next to impossible to make out their faces, I read some where on here about re soldering the power supple which yesterday I pulled, what I thought is the power supply and re soldered a bunch of connections almost the whole board, let it cool and then put it all back together no change not better or worse? What else could I do, did I pull the wrong board? I pulled the board that is on the right hand side when you open the back of
The tv it's yellow not the small green one to the right of that? Also what should I be looking for or what else should I do?!! Please help I love the tv so I want to repair and keep it. Thanks

For the help
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This isn't a projector. Just do you know.

Take it to an old school repair guy and they will get it fixed.
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If you're not a qualified tech, you won't be able to repair this. Sadly, there aren't many techs left repairing these sets, and be prepared to pay $70-100 an hour to find someone that does.
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the fact that it's running at all is surprising considering it's 13 years old. A quick search on AVS shows the same problem to a guy in 2007 and replacing the PS boards did not fix it.


this type of problem is usually not a soldering problem,but an aging parts problem. Since almost no electronic products can be diagnosed by looking at them, you would need a tech. to start checking voltages in various areas to try and locate the problem circuit.
About the only thing you can do as laymen is look for swollen capacitors. These are lttlle round "garbage cans" that swell out the top when they are failing.
read this and then happy hunting smile.gif

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