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I just ordered the above HDMI switch. I'm hoping it works better than my previous one (which worked ok but not great). I have 2 projectors hooked up to 3 inputs (Bluray, Cable, HTPC). The two projectors are exactly the same native res (1080p) and both support 3D, but that didn't stop me from still having some EDID issues mainly on the HTPC.

Also the Darbee was very flaky with my last HDMI switch. I wasn't sure if paying $70 more would have been better for one of the switches that have EDID capabilities. I know HDMI 1.4a doesn't technically help these issues, but my hope is since it is 1.4a it is using more tweaked out firmware as it is probably a newer version of these chinese HDMI MFR switches.

So we'll see how this one works. I freaking deplore HDMI, terrible standard of non-standard handshaking messy joke.