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New Home - Input Sought

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We just purchased a home in this crazy real estate market and while I’m stripping painted-on wallpaper in virtually every room in the house (MAJOR pain!), I’m still pondering where / how I will set-up our TV and AV center. I made a quick 1 minute video to show the predicament I find myself…

Not sure why the quality is so poor, but it should do the trick:


As you can see there are two large cabinets seemingly set-up for speakers and AV equipment. The left cabinet has 4 outlets. Speaker wire is present and run into each of the largest vertical openings. Seems quite ideal to mount the big screen right smack in the middle, BUT there is no wall there as it’s an entry way into another room, let’s call it the family room for now…

My first inclination is to remove the shutter doors and frame and wall that baby up, ideally having some kind of routing system within the wall for wires and cables to / from the screen and speakers.

My wife is actually fine with this, thank goodness, but I’ve received some grief from others, for reasons I understand, that I’d be killing some of the open floor plan that makes this house pretty neat.

As I believe is evident in the video, when one enters the house from the front door and into the entry area, continuing straight gets the person into the family room. To leave (assuming I put a wall there), the person would then need to go out the same way entered, through the entry way, through the dining area adjacent to the kitchen, then to the larger living room where I’d have the media room. FWIW, one can also leave this room by continuing straight through the sliding glass door onto the deck, so it's not like a dead-end per se...

Sacrilege? Maybe not with this audience…

Might there be another way? I’m open to opinions and ideas, please. As seen, the opposite wall has a large window, so placement of the screen would have to be off-center, to the left, which is not ideal. Then of course all of the equipment needs to go somewhere. I have a nice stand in our old house I can use for that, but I’d rather not when these great cabinets already exist on the other side. With a 2 and 4 year old, I like the idea of the AV equipment up high…

Maybe some kind of projection equipment that leaves the opening there between the two rooms, and I just have a screen come down for when viewing? There is a floor outlet right smack in the middle, about 7 to 8 feet away from the shutter door, sort of below the ceiling fan… I don’t know, just thinking out loud.

I appreciate any thoughts you might have, thank you.
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I hope someone can offer some assistance. Only one room has an existing wall space for a large tv and that wall is in an awkward place. Secondly neither room seems to allow for proper seating with all those windows, doorways, pass throughs and overhanding ledges. It seems something is going to have to be walled up or covered up to get any viewing pleasure out of those rooms.
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Thanks for your reply Sonyad.

I'm almost 100% certain that I'll be closing the space between the two rooms, making a wall there to hang the TV with all the A/V equipment in the left cabinet. The windows thankfully are all either no sun coming through (just ambient light of course), or just morning sunlight. Not an ideal room for a projection unit for sure, but it will be fine for an LCD...
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