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I'm waiting for this Panasonic to die so I can replace it with a new Oppo, BUT IT JUST KEEPS ON GOING...AND GOING...AND GOING.

Slowly, but it goes. Definitely got my money's worth.

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As they say, people never win these things but I just couldn't resist! biggrin.gif

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Hi all:

I took a bit of a different angle reviewing my 400 disc blu ray changer, comparing it to the increasingly popular media players. Great, great value!


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Originally Posted by David Haymond View Post

Here's my Sony BDP-S590 review:


Colombia Falls eh? Nice BD player smile.gif

Here's my review:

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It's not fair. I have a Playstation 60GB original model, hasn't given me any issues, works beautifully.

Can you add it to the list.
The 20GB model is missing too.
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Ive used a PS3 Slim for 3 years now and Ive loved it. Its the 80gb version I believe. The best thing about it is its loading speed. Ive always loved the X-cross media bar options menu. Its quick to navigate but oddly Tom Norton would always say how slow it it. Anyway it has on two differnet occasions not played the disc. The two discs where Bluray and were Rio and X-Men: Last Stand. They play in my other Panny bd player fine so its a mystery. BD players have finally caught up to its loading speed, my favortie aspect of it, for sure. My old Panasonic (DMP-65? can't remeber exactly) was sooooo slow compared. I want a new Oppo very badly tho!!
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How's this for an old unit: a Panasonic DMP-BD70 combo VHS and Blu-ray player.

I know folks might laugh at me for still owning a VHS player in this age of Netflix and 3D TV, but have you ever watched that old family VHS over up-converted HDMI? It's actually quite good!
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I have uploaded my video review of my Panasonic BDT110 3D Blu-Ray Player on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/PaulGT
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This contest seems a little more fun than the List your gear to win one. I'll review my LG player for a chance for some shopping money.

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Here's my review:


Not looking for more gear (I'm an "obsoletist" - nothing I use is made any more; my purchase of the Oppo last summer briefly endangered my ability to say that, until it was superseded in just a few months by the 103!), but a shopping spree for disks to put in it would be nice!
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Woo Hoo, my first review.



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Great job guys! Keep 'em coming...you've got until Friday night!
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Thanks for the opportunity. Here's my review for the Panasonic DMP-BD35AK:

Good luck everybody. I'm gonna read some Oppo reviews now and amp up my jealousy biggrin.gif
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Here's a review of the Pioneer BDP-320:
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And for the win... My first review:


Good luck to all!

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For the sony BDP-S790
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Thanks to all who posted reviews of your Blu-ray players! There were many fine entries, but only three could win. By random selection, the winners are (drum roll, please!)...


First prize: Styln

Second prize: PGTweed

Third prize: herushan


Congratulations to all three, and thanks again to all who entered!

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Congrats to the winners. And thanks AVS for putting all these fun contests together smile.gif
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