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high speed screen with 3D

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Hey, i am currently trying to find out what is really the fastest screen at the moment, not just because i like to have a fast screen, because actually i need to use the screen for something else than just watching movies or so.

It is part of a setup, where i want to display an image which is recorded simultaneously with a cam and should be shown "live" on the screen with a MINIMAL delay. And i really mean minimal delay, even if you say now that is something not to be noticed by the viewer, it is really just about getting a 3d image displayed as fast as possible.
Therefore the refresh rate is an issue.. but as here are many discussions about it.. it is hard to understand what the "real" refresh rate is..

If you can recommend me a Tv or screen or give me any valuable information, that would be awesome! smile.gif

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Are you sure you're not looking for the fastest projector? Screens are completely passive and have no concept of speed or refresh rate..

For fastest projector look at one of the gaming DLP's. Nvidia's site has a list.
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thanks. yes it wouldnt matter too much, a projector could be used as well.

i realized that refresh rate is one issue, but that the input lag is another critical one which is relevant for me.

so, i could also ask which is the 3dTV with the lowest input lag? any idea?
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I hear good things about the latest Panasonic plasmas. Plasma has historically been perceived as better for motion/games. I have had a Samsung plasma in the past and was happy with how it handled games from my PC and game consoles.
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If picture quality is not paramount, there is one projector with 0 ms input lag and it's very good for 3D - Optoma GT750E.
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