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For Sale: iTunes and UV codes

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$4 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
iTunes and UV codes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These codes are for trade or for sale.

Some of my codes come from used movies. Sometimes I can test them out, sometimes not. When I can't test them, we'll use the honor system. Important Note: Since my codes sometimes come from used copies, you should NOT buy these codes for resale. You should buy them and redeem them immediately. I can not guarantee that they will continue to work indefinitely. If you have questions about a particular code, please ask. I also can not guarantee the resolution that the codes will redeem in.

I accept PayPal according to PayPal policies regarding 'Goods and Services'. However, I am sick and tired of Paypal and their ridiculous fees , especially on small transactions like this. I have recently signed up for a competitive service called Dwolla that suits the needs of our community perfectly. Their fees are a flat rate of $0.25, but are always FREE for transactions under $10 . Please ask me for more details about this payment service, it is now my preferred method for buying and selling digital copy codes.

The prices listed below are the prices I charge when I am paid through Dwolla. I will also accept Paypal, but the prices will be higher according to the following formula in order to account for their markup: (Listed Price + $0.30)/.971. Depending on the items you are interested in buying, this will result in prices approximately 5-10% higher.

HAVE UV/VUDU Movies (Blu-Ray unless otherwise noted):
42 ($5)
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy ($5)
At Any Price ($7)
Barbie: Pearl Princess ($6)
Battle of the Year ($6)
Batman (original) ($7)
Black Death SD DVD VUDU ($6)
Breakfast Club ($7)
Brokeback Mountain ($7)
Changeup ($6)
Chicago ($7)
Chronicles of Riddick ($6)
Cinderella Man ($7)
Coal Miner's Daughter ($7)
Cold War DVD ($6)
Contagion ($6)
Cowboys vs. Aliens ($6)
The Conjuring ($5)
Dallas Buyer's Club ($6)
Dangerous Liaisons ($7)
the Departed ($7)
Devil Inside ($7)
Doom ($5)
Dredd ($5)
The Emperor ($7)
Empire State ($6)
the Evil Dead ($6)
the Exorcist ($8)
Expendables 2 ($4)
the Family ($7)
Fast and Furious 1 ($6)
Fast and Furious 2 ($5)
Fast and Furious 6 ($5)
Fearless - Jet Li ($7)
Flight ($6)
Fried Green Tomatoes ($7)
Fright Night 2 ($6)
Fruitvale Station ($7)
GI Joe Retaliation ($4)
Grudge Match ($7)
Happy Feet 2 ($5)
the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug ($6)
Homefront ($6)
Hot Fuzz ($6)
Hugo ($6)
Hulk (Ang Lee) ($6)
Hunger Games Catching Fire ($5)
the Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete DVD ($6)
Inception ($8)
Incredible Burt Wonderstone ($7)
Italian Job ($4)
Jack the Giant Slayer ($5)
Kick Ass 2 ($7)
Last Vegas ($6)
Left Behind 3-Movie Collection DVD ($8)
Life of Pi ($5)
Looper ($5)
Lords of Salem ($6)
Mud ($7)
the Mummy ($6)
Nebraska ($7)
Night Train to Lisbon DVD ($6)
Oblivion ($4)
Old Boy ($7)
One Direction: This is Us ($5)
One Life ($7)
the Oranges ($7)
Pacific Rim ($4)
Paranormal Activity 4 Unrated ($5)
Parker ($6)
Paul ($5)
Peeples ($7)
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters ($6)
Perks of Being a Wallflower ($6)
Pride and Prejudice ($7)
Queen of the Damned ($7)
Reality Bites ($7)
Resident Evil: Damnation ($7)
Riddick ($6)
RIPD ($6)
Robocop 1987 ($7)
Safe House ($5)
Safety Not Guaranteed ($7)
Scarface ($6)
Shooter ($8)
Skyfall ($5)
Spiderman ($7)
Spiderman 2 ($7)
Spiderman 3 ($7)
Starship Troopers: Invasion ($7)
Stoker ($8)
Ted ($5)
There Will Be Blood ($7)
the Town ($8)
Two Mules for Sister Sara ($7)
Uncle Buck ($7)
Velvet Goldmine ($8)
Walking with Dinosaurs ($7)
Wanderlust ($6)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ($7)
Wolf of Wall Street ($5)
the World's End ($6)
You're Next ($7)

HAVE VUDU/UV/iTunes TV Shows (Blu-Ray unless otherwise noted):
Arrow S1 UV/Flixster ($12)
Anger Management S2 UV/Flixster DVD ($10)
Banshee S1 VUDU ($14)
Banshee S1 UV/Flixster ($10)
Banshee S1 iTunes ($10)
Bates Motel S1 ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S1 UV/Flixster ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S1 iTunes ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S2 VUDU ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S2 UV/Flixster ($10)
Boardwalk Empire S2 iTunes ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S3 VUDU ($12)
Boardwalk Empire S3 UV/Flixster ($10)
Boardwalk Empire S3 iTunes ($12)
Copper S1 UV SD ($12)
Game of Thrones S1 iTunes ($15)
Game of Thrones S2 VUDU ($12)
Game of Thrones S2 iTunes ($12)
Game of Thrones S3 VUDU ($12)
Game of Thrones S3 iTunes ($12)
Girls S1 VUDU ($12)
Girls S1 Flixster/UV (not VUDU) ($8)
Girls S1 iTunes ($12)
Girls S2 VUDU ($12)
Girls S2 Flixster/UV (not VUDU) ($8)
Grimm S2 UV/Flixster/VUDU ($12)
Hannibal S1 VUDU ($12)
Newsroom S1 - Flixster/UV (not VUDU) ($10)
Nikita S2 - UV/Flixster ($12)
One Tree Hill S5 - iTunes ($10)
Parade's End S1 - VUDU ($12)
Parade's End S1 - UV ($10)
Parade's End S1 - iTunes ($12)
Revolution S1 - UV ($12)
Strike Back S1 - VUDU ($10)
Strike Back S1 - UV/Flixster ($10)
Strike Back S1 - iTunes ($10)
Supernatural S7 - UV/Flixster ($10)
Supernatural S8 - UV/Flixster or VUDU ($10)
True Blood S1 - VUDU ($15)
True Blood S1 - UV ($10)
True Blood S1 - iTunes ($13)
True Blood S4 - VUDU ($9)
True Blood S4 - UV ($8)
True Blood S4 - iTunes ($9)
True Blood S5 - VUDU ($9)
True Blood S5 - Flixster/UV (not VUDU) ($6)
True Blood S5 - iTunes ($8)
Vampire Diaries S3 - UV ($10)
Veep S1 - UV/Flixster ($10)

HAVE iTunes Movies (Blu-Ray unless otherwise noted, but note that many blu-rays will still redeem in SD on iTunes!):
2 Guns ($6)
47 Ronin ($5)
About Time ($6)
Admission ($4)
Alex Cross ($4)
Anna Karenina ($5)
Backdraft ($7)
the Bag Man ($7)
Barbie: Pearl Princess ($6)
Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome ($6)
Best Man Holiday ($6)
Blue Crush 2 ($4)
Cabin in the Woods ($4)
The Changeup ($4)
Chronicles of Riddick ($5)
Closed Circuit ($6)
Coal Miner's Daughter ($6)
Contraband ($4)
Curse of Chucky ($5)
Dallas Buyer's Club ($6)
Dead in Tombstone ($5)
Death Race 3 ($4)
Doom ($5)
Ender's Game ($5)
Fast and Furious 1 ($5)
Fast and Furious 2 ($5)
Fast and Furious 3 ($5)
Fast and Furious 5 ($5)
Fast and Furious 6 ($5)
Five Year Engagement ($5)
Hansel and Gretel ($5)
Haunted House ($5)
Hit and Run ($5)
Homefront ($6)
The Host ($5)
Hugo ($5)
Hunger Games ($5)
Hunger Games Catching Fire ($5)
Jack Reacher ($5)
Kick Ass 2 ($6)
Killing them Softly ($5)
Machete Kills ($5)
the Master ($7)
Nebraska ($7)
Oblivion ($4)
Out of Africa ($5)
Pain and Gain ($4)
Paul ($5)
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ($6)
Perks of Being a Wallflower ($6)
Pitch Black ($5)
Reality Bites ($7)
Riddick ($5)
RIPD ($6)
Rush ($7)
Safe ($4)
Safe DVD ($2)
Safe House ($4)
Scarface ($5)
Scorpion King 3 ($4)
Serenity ($5)
Ted ($5)
Wanderlust ($5)
Wolf of Wall Street ($5)
the World's End ($5)

HAVE iTunes Movies that require the disk/XML - I can provide the XML (Blu-Ray unless otherwise noted). Disney movies do not include DMR unless specifically noted.
the Family ($4)
Fright Night 2 ($4)
Hitchcock ($4)
Hitman ($4)
Life of Pi ($4)
Mamma Mia ($6)
the Oranges ($5)
Saw: The Final Chapter ($4)
Skyfall ($4)
Walking with Dinosaurs ($6)
Warrior ($4)

Wanted for trade (UV / VUDU Codes from Blu-Ray only please!) or for purchase in HDX only please:
Any recent VUDU Credits, not from Video game preorders
Double Indemnity
Black Nativity
Better Living Through Chemistry
Date and Switch
Cowgirls N Angels 2
Knights of Badassdom
Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4 Treasure Chest DMR/DMA
Tron/Tron Legacy Combo Pack DMR/DMA
Lion King 3 movie Pack DMR/DMA
A Simple Wish
Battle Ground
Romeo and Juliet
Tonight You're Mine
Angels Sing
Hammer of the Gods
Red Clover
The Master
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Hi I'm interested in Queen Of The Damned UV if its still available either to purchase or trade for one of my bluray UV's listed below.
The Jackal
Army Of Darkness
Kung Fu Hustle
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Fast response, thanks for an easy transaction.
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This was my first transaction and the whole thing was done in less than 2 hours. Great response, and everything redeemed HD so I am a happy camper.
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I'd like Paul and Promised Land for ITunes Mikdj00 AT yahoo.com
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Ill take 42
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Already have 42 none but thanks
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None was supposed to say now
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Ill take Jurrasic Park 2 mikdj00 at yahoo.com
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PM Sent
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PM sent for E.T.
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Excellent Seller, Really Fast and a Real Pleasure to Deal With... THX1138

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Are these T.V. Series still available & for sale


Banshee S1 iTunes ($10)

Boardwalk Empire S1 iTunes ($12)

Game of Thrones S1 iTunes ($15)

Game of Thrones S2 iTunes ($12)

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Sent PM for the Hobbit
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Can I get Game of Thrones (itunes)??

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Email me at sgeezy30@gmail.com. interested in some seaso8
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Excellent seller. The communication and respond was very fast. Very happy customer. I would definitely buy from him in the future.
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I'm currently looking for a Hobbit extended edition HDX code. Any idea where I might find out, or do you possibly have an unlisted one available?

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Thank you for a good and fast transaction. : )
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PM Sent
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game of thrones season one uv code?
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Does King Kong for iTunes redeem in HD?
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Originally Posted by rramos View Post

Does King Kong for iTunes redeem in HD?

Hi, I don't know if it redeems in HDX. Unfortunately that title is sold now, I will update my post in the next day or two.
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Does American Gangster redeem in HD?
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Originally Posted by rramos View Post

Does American Gangster redeem in HD?
NO, it redeems in SD.
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do you have frozen and savings mr banks?

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Hello sir. I was just wondering why you raised the prices on all your codes. I've bought some from you before and they prices were great. I know the typical response is.... Because I can. I was just wondering because there are people on here that sell some of the same codes for a lot less. Not trying to start a flame war. There are a lot of codes I would like to buy but as of right now your prices are kinda steep. 

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