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How loud should a movie be played at?

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Had a movie with dialogue at 60s db and action scenes peaking to 82db with reciever at -12db mainly because the dialogue was just too low. the dynamic range was too high i guess, but it probably has to do with playing surround on just 2 .0 speakers. what you guys think?
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It all has to do with a combo of speakers used, room acoustics. In a live room, not as much power is needed, compared to a room that is heavily damped. And if you have problems with dialogue, then you need to invest in a matching center speaker and/or fix any acoustic problems in the room that effect dialogue.
With a center speaker, if need be, just the volume in that channel can be increased to output more dialogue, w/o increasing the output of the main L/R channels.
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Those numbers are relative and absolutely meaningless, because you will get different DBA readings as you move around the room or go to different distances from the speakers, even with an expensive SPL meter. Only readings taken right at your ears are of any use at all.

You should play the movie at a volume level that seems realistic and pleasing. Anything else is nonsense.

You should never play anything at a level where either the speakers or the amplifiers are producing distorted sound. That is a good way to damage them.

It would help a lot if you would provide the make and model number of your receiver and speakers.
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speakers are usher s520 and reciever is entry model yamaha forgot its model. But i also ask for active speakers i have for PC and they are naturally loud with their own dac but even louder when relying on sound card for some reason which sucks because its impossible to play at moderate volumes that way. anyway for the yamaha the room is surrounded by glass balcony windows.
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