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MasterChef on FOX

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I enjoy all of Gordon Ramsey's shows, but I feel this is his best. Joe and Graham work very well with him in the evaluations. I do get a little annoyed when they come back from commercial and have to repeat the last 30 seconds. Krissy plays her role as the annoying one very well, but I don't understand how she is still there making low end diner food --- Mac & Cheese ??? Let me guess - wedding soup is next?
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This is my favorite Ramsay show because he tones it down and seems almost human. Each judge brings something different: Gordon has that authority personality, Graham seems like a genuinely nice guy, and Joe always trying to be the tough guy (even though you can tell he really is a nice guy behind the tough exterior). I also love the format of amateur chefs competing like professionals in extremely difficult tests.

I think most of the home cooks on this show can out cook most of the "professional" chefs on Hell's Kitchen.

BTW, the very first season of the British version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares was excellent because he was truly trying to help out struggling restaurants & chefs. Unfortunately, as the series went on it became more formulaic and "Ramsey going crazy" centric like we see in the American version. It's also even better on Netflix because they don't bleep out the language. biggrin.gif
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