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Is this what experts called clouding? I bought this TV for my mother and this is what happens in the picture:

She is no film geek but wants a good picture when watching mostly series on TV.
The panel is Samsung LE40D504 and yes it was cheap but all reviews I could find point that the set is very good for its price.
I live in Europe so the model name is probably not the same in the US.
Even if the screen was low price would you expect this quality or is it just a bad panel.
The picture is from Blu-ray version of Alien but it’s the regarding what source I feed it, when I watch the news the hair of the announcer is grey and not dark brown the he really has.
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yeah, thats pretty bad
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you live in Europe? and you bought Samsung !!!????? Get Philips! I'd do everything to be able to buy Philips TV's in Australia.
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Unfortunately a Philips panel is not made in EU as far as I know they buy panels from companies in Asian like LG and Sharp.
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Philips is sold to TPV Technology in China only the name is whats left...

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