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Fane Studio 12B, ts parametres needed for them

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Basically I've won a pair of incredibly cheap disco/pa speakers on ebay for an absolute bargain today of £11.
Enclosures are described as nicely built of black tolex covered plywood cabs and include original Motorola piezo tweeters(not the cheapo junk piezo tweeters you can only get nowadays).
However the bass drivers included are rather crap cheapo RCL 12" drivers rated 90w rms with no magnet vents, which won't last long in a disco or house party use which intend to use them for.

However I've found a pair of working Fane Studio 12B(200w rms, cast frame and vented magnets) somewhere for a reasonable price used for £50 for both.
But can't find any TS parameters for them on the web, as they might sound bad in these cabs.

Much help would be appreciated if anyone has any info on them.
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Did you email Fane and ask?
They have responded to requests for data promptly in the past.
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Someone kindly found me the data in the end, so didn't need to, but unfortunately it's in german, so can only barelly make out some of the specs.


Anyone speak german on here and could tell me what half the ts parameters mean?
As online translators don't seem to work with pdf files.

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The T/S are in the RHS column and are obvious as they have the universal descriptors such as Qes next to them.

The rest simply describe other parts of the device.
Chassis diameter
Power handling
resonant frequency
Sensitivity in W/m
Flux density
Top plate thickness
Magnet Weight
Maggnet wieght incl Top plate
VC diameter
Xmax most likely p-p

I haven't spoken German since high school., so typing the words into a translator manually might see some corrections.

Did you ever email Fane and ask?
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