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Another Dune/Zappiti question

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Yeah... I'm new to Dune. Just got a 303D. Trying to give up Boxeebox.

So far I'm very impressed with how well the Dune plays back my files but before I can become a diehard Dune fan, I just gotta get a decent Jukebox going. I finally figured how to configure Zappiti so that it would work with the 303D but I would like to ask a question before I begin another long search to figure out a problem that I'm having.

When viewing the Zappiti movie wall from the 303D, scrolling down initially is plenty fast. But after going down 10 to 15 rows of cover art, scrolling slows significantly. A loading bar appears in the lower right corner for each successive row and it takes maybe a second or little less for the next row to come up. This is on the main Zapitti wall that shows all of my movies. My collection is not that big... about 400 titles.

I'm using the latest Zappiti version I initially had the dune export file on a USB stick (where the scrolling 'seemed' a little slower). I now have it on a small partition on a SSD HD inserted in the 303D. I have the latest firmware for the Dune and system storage is on a 4Gb SD card.

Is this behavior normal for Zappiti on the Dune?
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I've got a little over 500 movies and over 700 TV shows and my jukebox does the same thing unless all my drives in my server are spinned up. Them my jukebox is fast.
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Doesn't scrolling the movie wall just use the dune export files and not the media files themselves. In my case these export files are on the dune internal SSD drive. Scrolling should scream. Maybe its a bug in the latest version of Zappiti.
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I know that the dune/zappiti combo is very popular. Do you just ignore the slow scrolling?
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It depends if by "slow" you mean "not instantly". Maximum I've seen when going down the latest pages of my movie wall should be less than a second per page (using yadis with dune menus on local hdd with a 7x3 wall). that seems to be the time needed to load the pages into the buffer memory because if you go back it goes extremely fast.
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It is almost instantaneous scrolling down the first 10 rows or so. Then it slows to about a half a second or so to load each successive row... that's when the loading bar begins to show for each new row. If I back up across the rows I just loaded, it will be instantanoues for another 10 rows or so and then slow once again... even on the very first rows that were loaded.

I GUESS its tolerable but it is annoying. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Boxeebox juke box.

Maybe it has something to do with the file size of some of my cover art? I have a few that are 350 KB 1000 x 1500 pixels. These are self-made covers for NCAA tournament games that aren't listed in any database. They work fine on my Boxeebox.

Another thing about Zappiti... is there a way to list movies without the "a" or "the". In Boxee there is an option to do either. Does Zap offer that option somewhere?

Sorry for all the questions but I would really like to get on board with the Dune. My Boxeeboxes have been great but they're buggy for sure and now that the product has been abandoned, its time for them to go. The biggest shortcoming of the Dune - for me personally - is its lack of a JB. If I can get Zappiti squared away, I'll be happy.
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As I said I don't think this is related to zappiti but more to the buffer memory of the dune. Might be better with the new 3d models because they aphave more on board memory than the previous ones.

I don't know for zappiti about a/the... removing, but yadis as this option. In yadis you have 2 titles : one or display and the other for sorting. So you could have The Ring on your backdrop but still sorted under R.
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OK, I'm new to this. Once installed is the IR remote from the Dune controlling Zappiti or do you need a keyboard and mouse?
Keyboard and mouse is not a option for me.
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Remote when viewing Zappiti from within Dune . But you scrape and edit with Zappiti on your PC... keyboard and mouse.
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Having an odd issue with my Dune player, under Zappiti. When I'm at the title page, this icon and filename I circled on the screenshot comes up when I hit "Play"...

Then, I have to hit Play again, to start the movie. If I press the up-arrow, the icon disappears, but I cannot play from the title page. Is there a way to prevent the icon and filename from appearing on the screen, from the title page?

This happens on every title.
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