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Vivitek H1086-3D $699

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More Woot goodness for projectors...


There's also some non 3D models for as low as $499

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Seen any reviews of the Vivitek H1086 3D or anyone have this? I can't find anything but the old press releases (and the specs).
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Terry, it appears this projector is finally shipping after first being heard of about this time 2 years ago.

Here's the PC page for it which has some technical info on it, http://www.projectorcentral.com/Vivitek-H1086-3D.htm.

It says PC 3D ready instead of Full HD 3D, but I never knew what that meant.

Optoma, BenQ and Vivitek were known to sometimes share the same chasis and each individual company make their own tweaks to it.

Looking at it, I imagine it might be similar to the BenQ W1070 but cannot confirm it.

But for for only $699, it's a great price to get into 1080P 3D FPJ!

That or go for the Acer H6510BD which is about that price point, though a quick interet search seems to reflect it being mostly sold out right now and on backorder for a couple weeks. Must be a popular projector.

If you go up to about $1k you have a lot more options.
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