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VPH-G90 "88" error?

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I went out of town for a few days and when I came back the numbers on the back of the projector were lit up. I don't think I've ever seen these numbers at all. The projector won't power up. I unplugged it and let it sit for 15-20 min and tried again but still nothing.

Searching on the forum I found most errors for this projector are displayed on screen when the projector starts up and a Google search gave me some general information on a card being installed wrong. Since I haven't modified the projector ever and it's been off since at least Thursday I hope it doesn't mean the projector died in the mean time.

Any insight would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
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It most likely means you need A new Dallas Chip, If you don't want to lose (reduce the chance) any of the Chassie hours or settings..
don't remove the power from the wall & leave it in standby mode .. Craig Rounds of CIR -Engineering can repair this as he has the Dallas sram Chips & reader/writer needed to transfer the Data to the new replacement Dallas chip, if its still possible to retrieve the Data .. link

Here's A link on AVS that will give you A better understanding,

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I agree sounds like the Dallas chip. These chips have an internal Li battery and have approx 10 years life. Since the pj's are now over 10 years old its likely they have already been replaced or will need to be very soon. If you paid for a calibration or don't want to recalibrate the pj, best to take a proactive approach and get the old chip copied ASAP, if its still possible. Good luck.
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First and most important, do not turn on your G90. If a G90 is throwing error 88 codes this means that the CPU on the YA board is crashing. If a crash occurs while the projector is running there will be deflection claps and all three of your tubes will be struck and ruined permanently. Once you get one error 88 you should not operate the projector again until it is repaired. You will get more error code 88’s as time goes by.

Secondly, the error 88 is not caused by a dead or bad Dallas chip. There is a problem with the CPU section of the YA board. I repair these boards all the time and can fix error 88 codes almost every time I try. The board will need to be sent in for me to diagnose and repair.

If you are interested please feel free to shoot me an email craigr@cir-engineering.com

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Update: Got my board fixed and Dallas chip replaced by Craig R. Great guy, tons of knowledge. Also got three (basically) new cannons from him and Curt (just as much knowledge and also very helpful). I also got a Moome card from Craig.

Got the Moome card installed and a really awesome HDMI cable going. Haven't had time to do the tube install since not only is the install something new but then the whole projector needs recalibrating. We did some touch up calibration with the Moome card but it doesn't seem to allow us to tweak the colors? Really strange, everything is a bit too red (part of the reason I got new tubes but its worse than it was with component).

I do have a new issue though. I turn on my projector and it's luck if I get to watch something or not. I don't know if the Moome card needs to warm up or what but the projector's been on about 20 minutes now and still just a blank screen. I can pull up the G90 menu and all so I know its on and working. Everytime I turn the projector on I just sort of hope it works out, eventually I turn it off and watch a movie on my lap top frown.gif

Anyone else have this issue or know what's wrong with it?

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Have you tried removing the moome card and putting it in another slot (ie changing the ic)?
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Yeah we tried it in two different slots. Today it took about 15 min to warm up. I just keep the thing running while I do other things cause I'm afraid it won't come back. Don't really like the unnecessary hours, not to mention extra heat being shot out in this 90 degree weather haha.
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Bring up the menu when it is first turned on and post a photo of the info screen. The one displaying the fH and fV rates. This way someone can prolly tell you what's going on. Also what do you have the input card set to sync to?
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