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Cineparty App

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There is a new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's called Cineparty and it helps you invite your friends and relatives to your private home cinema events. Details are here:
The app is here
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Guess now a days having friends isn't the same as what it's been for all my years. We talk to each other with our mouths and ears and if we want to invite others to out home, we invite them when we talk to them... Why bother having a cineparty, everyone can just watch the movie on their giant iphone screen and stay at home! eek.gifsmile.gif
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Watching movies on an IPhone is not really what home cinema is about, is it? How you contact people is up to you, of course. In our days contact via cell phones and portable devices is very widespread, whether one likes it or dislikes it. Sitting in a bus or train I definitely see much more people talking to a "machine" than to a person. eek.gifsmile.gif
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