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A-Bus System in newly purchased home

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I recently purchased a used home that was a previous model home. I noticed there are two A-Bus key pads (A-KP2) one in the master bedroom and one in the formal dining room. There's two sets of speakers in each of the rooms. I pulled each of the key pads out and it looks like it was operational at some point because the speakers are connected and punchdown connectors have their wires in place. I did some research and found out from Russound that I'll need an A-H2 (2 Zone/ SIngle Source) and a Power Supply to get the system up and running. Sounded great initially until I looked in the downstairs closet where the Junction Box is located. Basically I opened up a Junction Box with a ton of Cat-5e cables. The whole house is prewired with dual Cat-5e connections in each of the rooms and I'm not sure on how to identify what belongs to the A-Bus Key pads without ruining something.
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If nothing is labeled, time to invest in an inexpensive wire toner kit - you can get them at Home Depot / Amazon / eBay. I found this cheap one at random (not a recommendation, but for light use any of these will work):


But assuming it was hooked up, are any of those cat5e cables terminated with RJ45 connectors? I'd take a closer look at those cable ends, they really should be labeled - it may be in Sharpie on the insulation instead of a nice label.

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I did as you suggested and I bought a Cat-5e tester and labeled virtually all the rooms. The ends of the Cat-5e's are terminated with the RJ45 connectors in the junction box. After identifying all the rooms I was left with Four RJ45 connectors that I cannot identify. I'm assuming two of these must belong to the A-Bus keypad but not sure of the other two that remain. Is there a way to test the A-Bus Key Pads? I know it would be easier if I had the newer Key Pads with a plug-in Cat-5e but I have the older punchdown model. Hmm...I'm at a loss but at least I labeled the other rooms. Thanks for the help!
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You may have an extra cat5e behind one of the wall plates, perhaps in the home office area. Or, it may run to a location for a WAP.

Can you contact the former owner, and ask if the keypads were working? They might have an ABus system to sell you, too, collecting dust in their new home.

Look on eBay for a replacement Russound ABus unit. Set up an eBay search, with email notifications.
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Do you want to label the ABus cables? Is that what you're asking?

You can remove the punched down cables from the KPs and add punch down RJ45 female connectors. Leviton from Home Depot, includes a small plastic punch down tool, $5.
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No luck with the previous owner. It was a short sale home and the family moved out of state. I will however give that punchdown RJ45 female connector a shot and use the Cat-5e tester to check the continuity of the line. I'm a real novice at this and I'm willing to learn some tricks of the trade. Thank you!
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