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Cleaning a screen

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Hi All,

Over the years my dalite glass bead screen has collected a fair bit of dust/dirt and even a couple of latex paint splatters.

Whats the best way to clean the screen?

I've tried mild soap and water but it seems to only have made matters worse or at least no better.

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Is this a large glass bead or the High Power screen?
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it's their "highpower" screen
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same issue, I'm looking for something wide to wipe it off but so far without result.
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Here are several threads on the process, I have done it more than once with great outcome. Please pay particular attention to my posts as the denatured alcohol works best but you need to buy traditional DA not the new green crap!
http://www.amazon.com/SUNNYSIDE-CORPORATION-83432-1-Quart-Denatured/dp/B000BZZ36K available in any hardware store.. NO SMOKING WHEN USEING THIS STUFF AND OPEN WINDOWS!

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