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Dear Lord in Heaven... That was BAD. Really painfully awful on an epic level. I told my wife she owes me a zombie film and two all out action flicks in return for my having to sit through this crap.

Four good looking women saddled with the most laughable script I have seen in years.

P.S. Can a MOD please fix the thread title? My stupid S key doesn't work very well, so MISTRESSES is missing an S.
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Something to look forward too?....biggrin.gif
I noticed my Tivo recorded Mistresses as a Pilot(new episode) and I'll probably watch it tonight or tomorrow. From the previews it didn't look to promising but I'm willing to give it at least a try, I'll probably agree with you but we'll see smile.gif
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I'm all for Alyssa Milano, but when I heard this show was on ABC I was disappointed. When was the last time a great show was on ABC? That said, I recorded the pilot (haven't watched it yet) just to see what it's like.
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Is it something like The Client List? but instead we get Alyssa Milano? maybe I'll take a peek, i was busy last night viewing Revolution LOL

Next Monday is nothing to view, so I'll view the pilot during the week and perhaps view the next one then
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Wow, that was bad frown.gif
Only 8 minutes into the pilot I was looking at the clock, 15 minutes into it my wife said, "do we have to watch the whole thing" biggrin.gif We did and it really didn't get any better. I mean lots of eye candy but it was all tease, no meat if you know what I mean.
It's a one and done for me tongue.gif
I've seen a few Client Lists and no, Mistresses isn't a Client List.....
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Took a peek, Alyssa still hot, but too much dry humping in this show, not for network TV IMO..

At least we had Lost's Yunjin Kim looking good, the rest I don't really know them or even have seen them before
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I've continued watching and am now HATE watching it. It's a drinking game. Every time I tell my wife what will happen in the next five minutes she drinks. If I am wrong, I drink. In the last two episodes I've drunk once and she has gotten hammered.

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I called the pregnancy since the moment she had the affair with the office guy, I'm calling "Sun" will fall with the young man (after all he's a part of her former lover that died), Savvy's sister will go L word and April will be extorted out of her money
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This show reminds me of way back when late night Showtime movies. Edited for network TV of course. 

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I'm predicting cancellation.

Which is something I am sure everyone is predicting.
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I'm predicting a couple of cliffhanger items for a show that won't return.
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OK, I was right... two cliffhangers: 1) who got shot and 2) is Savy going to die

I go a big laugh when they were using the paddles on Savy. They trying to defib the fetus? Since this is stupid American TV, no way were they going to expose her chest in order to correctly place the paddles. Gotta love American TV.

Plus, alarms would have gone off at the nurse's station, long before anyone in the room would react and yell for help. And they would all be thrown out of the room.
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