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I personally love the 12 month cycle. I always buy last yrs model and get a great receiver for a great price. And many times I can get a better receiver because the prices have been reduced so much. I don't have to have the newest thing. I let others do all the complaining and trouble shooting of issues for me. smile.gif They are usually all fixed by the time I buy. Works for me biggrin.gif

I completely agree...have lived by this motto for years with TV's, Computers, and video games. I find my wife is much more supportive when I show her the original MSRP compared to the price I pay, which is always WAY less. A great way to get into great gear and still keep your wife happy! Downside is reading through all these great threads here on AVS and pining away all year for the gear you want haha.

And it's sooo much easier to have a happy wife. Also when my wife goes shopping I don't get upset. But I mentally keep track of how much is spent. Then if there is any backlash I can say that my new projector is still cheaper than your last trip to tha mall. biggrin.gif She even asked me once if I'll ever be done with upgrading/ changing out gear. I said probably someday. wink.gif