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dvd recorders in general

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Currently I am using a SANYO DWR500 and a TOSHIBA DVD player to copy both DVDs and CDs to DVD. I did not realize until today that only one AUDIO channel is active at least on playback. I played a very good STEREO CD in my player connected to by amp. Perfect stereo. Then added recorder to player in series at both LINE 1IN and then LINE 2 IN. Both played either a single channel mixed output or or a 2 channel mixed output. The headphones were active at both ears but I could not tell exactly what I was listening to. Certainly not stereo as sent by the player alone. The recorder does NOT recognize a CD, ONLY a DVD. So I do not know where the issue lies. As is my practice I ordered a SAMSUNG DVD recorder model DVD-R4000. The unit has both RCA type connectors AND SCART. The manual says to use DVD-R media. No mention is made of -RW. Does this really men that RW is NOT supported? Or just a misprint? I have a PHILIPS DVDR985 that has issues. Out of the 18 tracks on this CD, it generates an error at track 8. Same error with other CDs in RECORD mode. Plus I need 6 hours of record time. 985 has 5, 500 has 6 as does the 4000. What might happen if I use -RW in the 4000? Errors? Shutdown? Any advice welcome. My goal is to dub my open reel tapes to DVD.
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A better solution will be to dub your tapes to your PC, using a very good audio capture card (does Yamaha still make them?) and then edit and copy the files to DVDs using Nero or other software.

But I have to confess that I've used my Maggy 2160A just to record audio from cassettes to DVD. redface.gif
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Standalone DVD recorders will record 2 channel stereo providing the input audio is 2 channel or greater. If the input audio signal is monaural then the recorder will record a mono signal. For argument sake lets assume everything you are recording is legal no copy guarded material. The hookup is easy. Composite, red, white, yellow cable from the player to the recorder. If you have something in between the connection, amp, receiver, etc, they may result in your mono recording. In that case to run a test hook-up the player/recorder directly to determine if you end up with a 2 channel recording. The instruction manual will advise you what type of media the recorder can record on. Most recorders will record on one of type of erasable media either RW or RAM.

When recorders were first introduced those recording on DVD-R normally recorded on RAM. Recorders that recorded on DVD+R recorded on RW. Normally the recorders that recorded on RAM include "Flexible Recording" a great feature for high quality recording that were longer than 2 hours. I own 3 of those recorders 2 Pioneer and 1 Panasonic that I rarely use. At sometime I may sell the Panasonic which incorporates a 100GB hard drive. Nice recorder I just never use it anymore.
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