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Presentation Multi Format Matrix + Apple TV + DVI = Not Working, Help

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So here is my scenario. We are building a presentation podium which has the following sources:

HP Computer
Mac Mini
Apple TV

Each of these goes HDMI out to our matrix (http://www.kvmswitchtech.com/12-input-multi-format-video-switch-converted-to-hdbaset-vga-and-hdmi-outputs-p50265.htm - this may not be the exact brand, its the same product, might be re-branded by this company i forgot who actually brands ours but its the same exact thing/specs)

And from this matrix, we're going out via SVGA to our 20" touch screen monitor in the podium. This has a 4:3 ratio.

Now the HP and the Mac Mini work fine. The matrix handles converting the hdmi and outputting it to SVGA (why SVGA and why not an HD monitor... beats me, whoever BUILT this podium only put in a 4:3 ratio monitor).

Our monitor also has a DVI connector... so we tried going from our matrix's HDMI out to an HDMI to DVI adapter... and well we had some issues with this, where we would not get pictures. (Directly connected to the Computer or Mac Mini the HDMI -> DVI adapter worked just fine, not with the apple tv though, all we saw was the logo and then blank).

Soooo this is where im STUCK. I know if I go HDMI out of the matrix into an HDMI monitor, everything works fine. BUT thats not an option, as i can't find a touch screen monitor WITH HDMI that is 18" wide by 15.5" high... has to be that or slightly smaller as theres a bezel and a motor that pushes the monitor up

Now I read that a lot of people had issues with matrix switchers and the apple tv, not even working, well to some "luck" our matrix DOES work with the apple tv, IF we stick with our HDMI cables across the board... which is proving to be an issue..

I really need to go to VGA OR figure out a way to get my matrix to work over HDMI to an HDMI -> DVI adapter, since our monitor has that...

Anybody have any thoughts? I read somewhere the HDFury3 might be a solution for us? But at $299 thats not completely crazy, but the availability in the united states... i need to make sure i can get my hands on one, and within a week.

So any help would be appreciated....
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A compliant HDMI device will not convert HDCP encrypted content from HDMI to VGA. The AppleTV certainly uses HDCP and is hardcore about HDCP with that product. My first recommendation would be the HD Fury if you want a reliable analog conversion. Otherwise, you need a product which will strip the HDCP completely.

This isn't a fun process to deal with and is the unfortunate headache of HDMI w/HDCP.
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Thanks. After talking to the manufacturer of our switcher, they basically said the same. I wasn't aware of how hardcore Apple TV was with HDCP, kind of sucks. I mean in this day and age people are not stealing content THAT WAY, so im not so sure why they even bother with it.
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What are you using the Apple TV for in a presentation environment? Perhaps there's another device, not so tied to the consumer AV biz, that would accomplish the same thing?
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