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HC4000 vs Epson 8350

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I am having to replace my receiver because of lightning ( http://www.avsforum.com/t/1475384/epson-1080ub )

I had a Epson 1080ub and liked it. Only thing I would change is I hoped it was a little brighter during daytime viewing. It is not in a dedicated media room, but the curtains are blacked out and windows are tinted. The color on the 1080 was also a little soft for my taste at times so I want something that pops, not so much interested in cinema colors. Will be watching mostly dish network content, some movies and the occasional football game although not many on the projector as this is in our bedroom. Where the projector is mounted now it is around 9-10 feet from the screen which is 84" and is hung from the ceiling.

These seem to be the best projectors for around that price range which I would like to stay below 1500. What would you all recommend either between these or any other projector? How would these compare to the 1080ub I had?

Thanks for the help!
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The Benq w1070 might also work in that mounting spot, but it's kind of loud for a small room if loudness bothers you. The mounting range is 7 feet to 9 feet (position of the lens) for the Benq for an 84" screen. Out of the Epson and Mits hc4000, the hc4000 is slightly better, mainly in bright scenes and handling noisier sources it has some advantage.

The Epson 5010 refurb also might be a good match for you if you raise your budget slightly. The Mitsubishi hc7800 was on sale for $1200 and that is probably a little better than the hc4000.
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Thanks for the response. One thing I didn't think of is lens shift. The 1080ub had lens shift both vertically and horizontally. It appears most of these only have vertical lens shift. I could shoot my ceiling mount over a foot or so if need be but it would be a pain as I would have to re plaster the ceiling where I had a hole for power and hdmi to come through. Then move my 3 2x4s I screwed together to hold the mounting bracket in the ceiling. Lots of decisions out there.

What about the Epson v11h501020? It has 3d something I may use a few times a year. I play one playstation game nowadays since I am always so busy but I play COD. Usually just a few months to get me through winter but would love to play it on 3d with my ps3.
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3D gaming needs a DLP projector, there is too much eye fatigue on LCD or LCOS projectors for 3D gaming due to crosstalk + 3d motion, but to me 3D gaming needs a passive 3D setup because the shuttering of the glasses (even on a DLP) bothers my eyes a lot if trying to play a game in 3D. That said, I can enjoy the scenery in 3D games in spurts of maybe 30 minutes to an hour in non-intense games (like simulators or something).

A passive 3D setup requires 2 projectors, a special device to enable the passive 3D output of L-R to the PJ's, and a screen that retains 90%+ polarization. I am still looking for a suitable screen as I am attempting to set this up to see how much better passive 3D gaming is over active 3D. I just ruled out the Silverlite 2.5 because it is said to have too many side effects.
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Buy some other brand. I'm a past customer of Epson and will no longer buy their products. Epson refused to fix my projector, instead they just fed me new bulbs. 5 bulbs later and 2 months out of warranty period and they washed their hands of me. This is a well known issue in the last few years. Do a web search and you will see.
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The BenQ W1070 that coder guy recommended looks like it may be in the lead right now. Great price and looks like it is more what I am looking for. I don't need a home theater projector one with great light output and color. Contrast is not at the top or my priority in my application. I have a 60" plasma if I need deep blacks.

One thing that has me wondering. How bad is the light leakage? I have read some reviews and people say light leakage is a issue in some scenes.

Also how do I know if I am subject to the rainbow effect. I have read it has a 6 color wheel that minimizes it for most people but I have never watched a dlp projector to know if that bothers me.
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Would I need to go with the short throw with a distance of 7-9 feet ( I will measure exactly tonight) on a 84" screen or will the regular throw be ok? I have used the calculator to see where it falls out that close it looks like the regular throw is close to its limits while the short throw is about in the middle. Would either give a better picture over the other? M
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