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Have to scale video card for projector

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I am having a bit of a problem I hope someone can give me a direction. I have a Sharp XV-Z3100 720p projector that has both a satellite box and an HTPC as sources. I have a screen painted on the wall. The problem is that the satellite box works fine but when I switch to the HTPC it is missing the outer edge of the desktop or movie or anything from the computer source. I have a temporary fix and scaled the video card to something like 1213x684 or so to make it fit. I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 620 graphics card.

I would prefer to have the card set to 1280x720 so the htpc doesnt have to scale everything. I am pretty sure I should be able to make some adjustments to make that happen. Would it be in the graphics card settings?? What about windows settings?? (I am running vista)

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks, CanadianZ
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Hmmm, make sure overscan is set to off on the projector. Double check that you are feeding native resolution (720x1280 should be right) at 60 Hz, or another supported setting. Could be a driver issue I suppose.

What input are you on DVI, HDMI?
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I will check the overscan on the projector but if it was that I thought the satellite would be the same. (Cut off around the edges)

I will try updating the driver but I don't think it's that. But I will update to eliminate it.

I am using hdmi. The same input on the projector as my denon receiver does the video switching.

Thanks for the help. Keep the suggestions coming. I will report back after I check the overscan.

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This sounds like overscan in the projector's configuration.  You need to see the entire desktop on the projector.  Usually we hear about the desktop image being too small to fill the screen, which is a video driver overscan issue.  Since yours is exceeding (like too much ZOOM) it's most likely in the projector.  Look for 1:1, or "normal".... I just read your manual and it says "stretch" is fixed when the input signal is 720p or 1080i.  Notice this PJ does NOT recognize 1080p signals!  As the previous poster stated, feed it with 1280x720p at 60Hz and then see how the desktop looks.  Oh - and be sure your Denon isn't trying to do any video scaling on the image.  In fact, if you don't know what the Denon is doing, try connecting PC directly to PJ to prove how well it can look... as a test.

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Thanks for the comments.

I have had a chance to play with the projector. I set the video card to output 1280x720 at 60Hz and had to set the overscan of the projector to -30V and -30H for the image to fit. It does fit perfectly though.

The only issue is now when I switch to my satellite receiver there is a black space on the right side until I adjust the overscan to 0.

This isn't that big of a deal as I am usually watching the projector and can switch the overscan if I decide to watch TV.

The question I have now is; what looks better? The scaled image from the video card or the overscan set to the fullest negative values. What should be better?? I will judge with my eyes but what should I be looking for??

Thanks, CanadianZ
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Projecting the full desktop should look best, scaling overscan you are scaling twice - first you are scaling the desktop, then the projector scales it back. I expect some fuzzy lines, especially diagonals.
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Now that you're familiar with the menu options, set the PJ to NO overscan (0 & 0).  How does the desktop now look?  Too small to fill the screen?  NOW adjust the overscan in the video card configuration to ZERO overscan to have it fill the PJ image!  Now both your Sat & PC are optimized, using zero overscan -- you should have very sharp images!  One more thing, with all these digital images, sharpness on the PJ needs to be at 0 also - open your task manager and see how clear the performance green grid looks...

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I set the projector overscan to 0 and 0. The desktop is too large for the screen. I can barely see the start menu bar.

I found a setting for overscan on my video card settings and set it to "no overscan". The screen didnt change.

It appears that my projector is permanently in "stretch mode" I found this in the manual and cut and paste it here: “STRETCH” is fixed when 540P, 720P or 1080I signals are entered.

It's beginning to look like I might just have to use the overscan on the projector to keep the image correctly on the screen. I know the projector is a bit old as it is only 720p. Looks like I might have to treat myself to something a little newer in the future.

Thanks, CanadianZ
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