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Good morning,

I’ve got a space in my basement that I would like to turn into a home theater room. It’s an 18 foot by 10 foot space with 7 foot ceilings. I’m going to half the room with a viewing distance at 9 feet and 9 feet for seating. I’d like to do an 80 inch wall mount LED LCD television positioned on the far north end of the room. I’m trying to determine what type of seating I should be looking at for this space? I looked at a few sectionals that fit six people but they are wider than what I could comfortably accommodate so I don’t think that would be an option. I am also considering two rows of three home theater seats, but am unsure on dimensions at this point. Lastly, I’m not opposed to couches, loveseats and or recliners to accomplish seating for six. Any thoughts, advice or guidance on what type of seating I should be looking at would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance! smile.gif