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Pioneer Elite VSX-70 Owners thread

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I was looking around and didn't find another thread for my new receiver and would like to get one going.

so far its absolutely great, I played with it for about 3 hours so far, and I'm impressed. not really sure how to start an owners thread, hopefully this will get it going.

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This is how it starts.

Picked up my VSX-70 yesterday to drive sound for my new Panasonic 60" ZT60 - which is amazing.

Replacing a great (if dated) Technics receiver.

Front R&L are Bowers & Wilkins 686s.

Center will be (assuming no timber issues with the B&Ws) a Definitive Technology 8060HD with the bass reinforcement (to pick up Friday at Best Buy).

Sub is an older KLH bassbite 2 which will eventually be replaced.

Any recommendations on in-ceiling rears to complete the 5.1? Want to spend $300-350 or less on the pair.

VSX-70 is out of the box. Waiting on shipment from mycablemart.com to wire everything. Looking forward to it. Loved the sound of the elite at Magnolia.
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Any luck installing the software update via internet option?

I keep getting an error 7.

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my sub just pooped out on me so i haven't been able to try out the FULL 5.1 but i have been playing with it with 3 Speakercraft AIM8 speakers for my front and i went with JBL control 1 pros in the back. I paid about 150$ for the pair verse $400 per front speaker. the JBLs keep up just fine, they are very clear and great for rears. they are not in wall speakers though. The Speakercrafts are in ceiling and sounds amazing. I bought them a while back but my guess is you'll be able to find them for about $250 per speaker.

PS i havent tried to update, (not finished with my room) but i can look into it.
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So I have my 5.1 set up - finally. Will run the MCACC as soon as I can have the house to myself for a minute.

I picked up Definite Technology Pro Monitor 800s for my surrounds. I also bi-amped my Bowers & Wilkins 686s which seems to improve clarity and volume. Love that the Elite can handle this.

So far I am very impressed by the Pioneer and would recommend it to those looking for a future proof entry level pro amp. Best Buy price matched online and I picked it up for $600
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Definite Technology Pro Monitor 800s look pretty nice! let me know how they sound, I need to buy some more book shelve speakers, the JBLs are awesome and i might buy some more of them but heck im willing to look around haha

Let me know how the MCACC works out.

I def agree with the sentiment of great future proof receiver, its got all the bells and whistles you'll need for a good while. great price too! the multi zone its pretty nice too!
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MCACC worked out well. I did two passes one for the couch and one for the floor when I am gaming.

Very easy to run it through and pretty quick as well - probably 5 minutes of tones, hits, and clicks.
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I set it up just to play with it. Tested out the MCACC, worked pretty well. Have you gotten to update the firmware? Their ipad manual/ set up worked pretty good too! Very helpful and good for trouble shooting.
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The firmware is updating now. 30% done. Pioneer must have fixed the link. smile.gif
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Good to know. I'm out of town for a while. Can't wait to get back and play with the receiver.
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Has anyone tried biamping with just 3.1 channel?
If you have tried it can you let me what speaker setting did you select?
I selected Front bi-amp in speaker setting and auto MCACC doesnt output anything from the surround back speaker when it runs a test.

my fronts are B&W 685's and ASW608 with pioneer elite vsx-70.
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correct me if I'm wrong but you have a L/R front with a single rear?
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I just have Left , right , center and subwoofer.
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ok! much better! haha so you get sound out the the L/R but no sound from the Center?
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Originally Posted by vkastala View Post

output anything from the surround back speaker when it runs a test. what is the Surround back speaker if you only have left right center?

my fronts are B&W 685's and ASW608 with pioneer elite vsx-70.
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Anyone have an issue with sound through hdmi from a dish network receiver? Everything else I've set up works fine but I just can't get audio from sat tv. Picture is fine. No audio.
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Originally Posted by depew23 View Post

Anyone have an issue with sound through hdmi from a dish network receiver? Everything else I've set up works fine but I just can't get audio from sat tv. Picture is fine. No audio.

Our DirectTV works just fine. HDMI from DirectTV the thru HDMI to TV on channel 1. I have the ARC bounce back for netflix from the TV on ARC HDMI channel 2 to get proper audio from TV/net programs.
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Im trying to get the dish network to play through the receiver like any other component. The receiver just wont accept the hdmi audio, the only way i get audio is by running 2 cables. One hdmi for video and an optical for audio.
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anyone have an xbox running though the receiver? any special settings?
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The Pioneer web site lists... Network Audio Formats MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless, 192kHz / 24-Bit WAV, FLAC, AIFF, along with DLNA support. Does that mean I can play these files directly through the receiver?

Can the Receiver access windows file shares to play them? or is it via DLNA server only? How do you select the files you want to play, is it via the receiver and its remote, the ipad app, or??
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I have an xbox hooked up, but no special surround settings, mostly because it gets used for netflix movies as well as games. I did have to set it up as a CDR or something, but that's because of the IR control I'm using.

Mine is in the 'network closet' in the basement. For control it is wired to the home LAN and assigned a static IP (iOS apps), and an IR line in (via RF bridge for universal remotes). Zone 1 feeds the basement 5.1 and tv, zone 2 feeds the outside audio. Input is xbox and directv (normally to zone 1) and Airplay (normally to zone 2)

My experiences so far with setup are generally good, but some tweaking is harder than it should be and overall I'm a little confused about how and where to edit what. This is all I've figured out so far, if anyone has tips I'd appreciate it.

avnavigator (iPad only setup app) was really good the first time I set up the receiver. It can't read the current setup, and it can't save how the setup is, so you can't load a setup or skip some (or any?) steps, so editing a setup this way is horrible, you're basically starting from scratch. Use this app to give the inputs a friendly name on the front display (HDMI 3 to "Xbox").

iControl2013 (any iOS device) is fantastic for sampling sound modes or status / trouble shooting without being in front of the reciever. You can edit which inputs show up in the app and their names, but I'm not sure this updates the front display.

Web interface is the only place I've found to give a friendly name to Airplay input, otherwise it always shows up as "VSX-70" under Airplay.

Some IR codes URC remotes send for discrete inputs aren't recognized via the IR in port. The discrete names (BR, DVR, etc) works fine, but discrete numbers (hdmi1, hdmi2, etc) don't. This, combined with some odd input assignments (xbox to hdmi 3, which doesn't have a name) and no easy tweaks to the setup made everything more painful than it should have been. Hopefully URC will update their codes but there are workarounds (use named ports or use an IR blaster instead of the port).
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Hi, I have setup as 5.1 with Bose speakers. Is there a mode by which I can play music from all speakers? I have tested and I get the special effects on rear speakers, but music just plays on front left and right.
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Best setting for that is the extended stereo. It basically send the same signal to both front and rear left and right respectivly.
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Thank you!
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Also, how do I hook up a microphone so that I can AirPlay and sing along - simulated karaoke. Do I need a mixer or just come cables will do the trick? Or if I can output audio from my laptop through the receiver that will work too. Thanks for your time.
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You'll proably need a mixer. The reciever won't play two inputs at onces.
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Anyone having an issue with airplay not playing through the sub? Like the music plays fine the receiver just doesn't use the sub
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What are the thoughts on this receiver? I am looking at the VSX-70 and the Yamaha 673.  



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Is there a way to bi-amp the center speaker? I can bi-amp the Left & Right if I had speakers capable of doing so (currently have Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 450's) but my Center speaker (Definitive Technology CLR 2002) is bi-amp capable.
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I just purchased an entire new system including the vsx70 a 70" vizio tv a sony 5100 blue ray and an entire house full of klipsch wall and ceiling mounted speakers. I'm using volume controls in every room excepts the home theater room.

My problem I have done the mcacc successfully but I get no sound from my rear speakers when watching any movie from any device including a DVD or streaming netflix from my blue ray, Apple TV or direct from my tv app. I've tried every setting using the iPad app which does work great. I'm sure it's hooked up correctly I had assistance from an audio professional. Everything is run thru hdmi Cables from the device to the receiver and then one hdmi to the tv .

Please any suggestions would be great. It's horrible watching a movie with all this equipment and no sound from the rear. The speakers do work just not in any of the surround sound.

Thanks Steve
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