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Hi guys

My '320's SD card killed itself. Only CD's play, FW updates via CDR and network fail (can't unpack).

I have removed the card from the BDP-320 and tried grabbing the remaining files using my PC but no Joy (m32r1blu.bin - m32r1red.bin - rootfs.bin). I suspect one or more is corrupt and/or there are some missing files. The card itself was showing as 58mb rather than the 1gb it should be.

Ive contacted Pioneer who tried telling me that the card reader along with the card will need de-soldering and replacing (nonsence) and under no circumstances will they give me access to the files contained within. Go to a Pioneer service center etc... £££ $$$.

Does anyone that has upgraded the internal SD card on their machine have a back up of these files they wouldnt mind sharing with me please? If uploading them is an issue please PM me I have a simple hassle free solution.

I'd really like to get this thing back up and running, your help would be greatly appreacited.
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