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The Dark Continent - VPL-HW50ES in white, please ?

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I have been waiting to upgrade my (white) projector for years now, but so far no projector did meet the bar of being a quiet, bright and especially bright-enough-for-3D. I had hoped for the 30ES to be that product, but then the 3D brightness was lamented in reviews. Now, from all reviews i have read, the 50ES is that product, so i wanted to buy it.... just to figure out that it is not available in white here in the US. Nor in Canada. But of course it is available in white in Europe. And Japan.

If you build a projector that by all accounts seems to be able to produce way more brightness than needed in a dark home theater, should you not want to explore the market segment of an actual living room where you need this brightness (due to higher ambient light) ? Thats exactly where i would like to put it in, and that is where black at least in my case would really be ugly and risk the ability for purchase due to low WAF.

I mean don't get me wrong, if i had the money to buy a place where i could put in a separate dark home theater, i'd go for it, but that's a couple of 0' more expensive than the projector.

I also checked if i could just bring back a 50ES from the next trip overseas, but of course Sony has no international warranty option, so that would be too pain full if something breaks.

I provided this same feedback to sonystore@mailca.custhelp.com, but if i am the only one who prefers white its of course a lost effort.

Does anyone know what the deal was on the white 30ES ? There seems to be at least one store that sells them in the US, maybe they ship the leftovers from overseas here ? Maybe i then need to wait another year for the same to happen for the 50ES ?

*sigh* ;-)
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personally, i'd do everything I could to not let a minor oversight stop me from getting the otherwise perfect product for my needs.

I mean what's a bigger compromise? picture quality, or the color of the casing?
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well. For my situation, going up from an indestructable and extremely cheap lamp-hour 720p projector to the next step is a choice. My compromises would be either to bite the black bullet or wait longer until there is a competitive product in white.

I think Sony has a good track record of innovation in projectors, but the competition always catches up at a lower price point. And i don't need better specs, so the likely outcome is that Sony will loose my business and i'll wait for let's say the Epson that will catch up to the 50ES specs.
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