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I am seeking to install 6 pairs of speakers. I am "view" the speakers as three separate zones: master bdroom / bath (2pairs); great room/dining/kitchen (3 pairs); and outdoor deck. I am planning on I installing Sonos. I've identified two options and wanted to get feedback on them or hear of any other ideas.

(1) install 4 Sonos connect amps. One for the master bdrm/ bath; 2 for the great room/ dining/kitchen ; one for deck.
(2)install a multi-channel amp like NIles SI 1230; connect 3 Sonos Connects for each of the three zones.

While I'll never listen to separate selections across the three zones at the same time, I was thinking the Sonos controls would allow me to turn on/off or up/downthe volume depending on ewhich zone I am in.

Which option seems most logical? Which produces highest quality?

Thx for any input.