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I've got 2 sets of the Klipsch 2.1 from ~10 yrs ago. I've been running them as a 4.2 setup on the computer for the last ~4 yrs but they are starting to show their age.

Output on one woofer has become significantly muddy and the other has just about stopped outputting anything. Also, these woofers are getting hotter and hotter each year heating up the room a significant amount (you can hardly have your hand on the back of these boys nowadays).

All four satellites are fully functional, but the volume controls are dusty (scratch/pop even after cleaning / twisting).

THEREFORE, I am currently thinking about using the 4 satellites (without klipsch volume control) in combination with a stereo amp and a powered 10" woofer.

Question 1: Each satellite is rated for 35W, so would splitting a "70W" signal from a stereo amp provide the correct power to these?

Question 2: Would running a stereo receiver be the best option for powering this setup?

Thanks for your time,