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LG 60LN5710, any feedback?

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I have a LG LED for three years that is amazing, but I want to buy a 60" LED.
I see the SHARP 650U and Vizio E601i-A3 are available for great prices but the SHARP looks gray when it's supposed to be white and the Vizio seems to have a high failure rate.

I saw this LG 60LN5710 in Best-buy in the box for 1000 dollars.

I can't find any info about it, and I am worried it may not be really 120HZ since LG lied about this in different models, also this is wifi ready and we will have to attach the wifi dongle.

Any feedback about this TV?
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Im also looking at this at best buy - 60LN5710

Hardly any information and no reviews.. can anyone here speak up on the performance or reliability?

I can say that they had this displayed next to the Visio model mentioned above and I could tell they had the Visio poorly calibrated (I've seen it at walmart in Demo mode and looked entirely different) .. The magnolia guy that was there in the morning kept telling me to look at how bad the Visio looked compared to his 1500 Sammy rolleyes.gif ..
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I just bought one. I really like it. I bought a netgear NCE2100 Wi-fi to ethernet converter instead of the dongle. It works great and I can ust it on my other TV.
It has an excellent picture an good sound for a slimline tv. Black levels are very good. It has lots of apps installed and full internet browser access. If
You install a free app ( lg remote ) on your Iphone and I think there's an android as well, you can use the Smartphone as a remote and use the qwerty keypad
on the phone/tablet.

There are many picture and sound settings, some i can't even remember where to find them.
Yes it is 120HZ, and the blur and de-judder are adjustable. I watched a baseball game and was amazed at how well it worked. Can't wait for Football!

They have it at Fry's for less than 1K.
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I got one on bestbuys deal of the day for 799 last week to replace mitsubishi 60in that got the white/black dot screen of death. Picked it up yesterday. So far I like it. I have an LG 50in plasma in other room and my sister and dad have LG LED and Plasma's, so I was familiar with LG products.

3 HDMI inputs are enough for me. OTA, Dish 722 dvr and WDTV Live Hub are all that are connected right now. Still tweaking and adjusting settings, but picture looks really good with Dish HD and some of my personal bluray rips from the WDTV. Sound is connected via optical to a Yamaha 7.1 surround, but the tv speakers were also ok for general viewing.

I have it hard wired to my network and it sees all the music, photos, video from my NAS, laptop, desktop and wdtv. It plays most of my files although I think they look better playing through the wdtv and the wdtv plays everything. Hulu Plus looked very good through the built in app. The LG android app works really well from my Galaxy Note 2 with the tv. Need the wifi dongle to take advantage of the Intel Widi Wireless Display tech.

I think it is well worth the money.
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Any differences between this one and the 60LN5400? I plan on picking one of these up this Thursday or Friday from Best Buy to replace my 47 in LED LG. So far, I haven't been able to find any differences between the two aside from the price.
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