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Unfortunately, our beloved TC-P60ST30 had problems that have been diagnosed as a bad panel (although I'm not 100% convinced that's correct). We're in year two of our warranty, which means Costco is on the hook for the repair. However, it doesn't make economic sense for Costco to pay for the repair (panel cost much greater than what I paid for the set 16 months ago) so they're opting to take the TV back and give us our money back.

So I've got to find a replacement that's as close to the old TV as possible. We watch mainly broadcast HD and hockey and auto racing. We might play an occasional game when the kids are over but it's mostly the other stuff. We have a fairly bright room but contrary to everything everyone said, we really never found the picture quality on the ST30 to be an issue. Clearly we aren't as discerning as some. wink.gif

Bottom line, would the TC-65PS64 be our best bet or would we be better off spending the extra for the TC-P60ST60?