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3 Plasmas/LED TVs or 5 Monitors for Computer Gaming?

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Im curious as to which is better for lowest input lag and image quality. I know the pros and cons for every one of em but Im wondering what you guys think would be best. I plan on buying a very expensive gaming computer that's easily capable of running 5 monitors at HD resolution and being able to record that with no lag/jittering, a very...very expensive desktop. So dont worry about the specs, lets just assume its able to do all that.

I really want a 3 plasma or LED/LCD/etc setup so i can have much larger screens and it'll allow me to relax on like a recliner or whatever that ill customize to game with the mouse and keyboard no prob. Plasmas tend to have the lowest input lag vs LEDs and LCDs but i was hoping to web surf and do everything on it other than just game so there'd be static images constantly which plasmas do not like, i know its real hard to do burn in, but still, that'd worry me, going from an mmorpg with static hubs, then to internet, then to movies, then back to gaming with more static images.

Is there any LEDs/LCDs with as low of input lag as great plasmas or hopefully lower and you believe would be great for gaming? Also, how much do typical great gaming monitors have for input lag? Not response time, but input lag. Are they better than plasmas? If so, then should i just go for a 5 monitor vertical setup to try and get that very wide view from both vertically and horizontally? (not really a fan of just having a super wide horizontal view, i like vertical and horizontal) Or would plasmas or the leds/lcds work better?

My top priorites are: 1) lowest input lag possible 2) best picture quality for all levels 3) response time
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Uh, wow. That is quite the goal, I wish you luck.

1. You can do a search on AVS, there is a thread dedicated to input lag and various models of TV tested.

2. I would defer you to the most recent CES show, there will be a number of 5 figure TVs that meet your requirements.

3. See my answer on the first question, I assume input lag is the higher priority to response time. Which, if your buying the top end, shouldn't be an issue for most models but some may have input lag.

I would recommend checking out projection, it is a very lazy alternative to setting up all those display devices and fits very well with a recliner.
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Here is a great list of input lag. The TVs are mostly at the bottom, but I think it will help you understand what to choose. However getting faster response and better image are tough. Basically when you up the speed, you lower the quality processing in order to get the speed. Also when you get bigger screens response time goes down a tad.

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