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Volume Control

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I have HK 7.1 receiver. I use the rear channels to run the multi room function so I can have sound on my patio. The wires run from the unit to a simple dial rheostat by the door leading to the patio. The wires to the speaker also run to the rheostat, so this is my volume control. What I am looking for is a new volume control. The rheostat works fine, but I would like something a little more up to date, withour breaking the bank. Something digital and modern. I did use google, but have not seen anything that I "think" would work for under 100 dollars.

Any suggestions?
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Thanks, that is what I have now.
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Do you have any wiring to that volume control location besides speaker wire? If not, your choices are limited. The only keypad-based system currently available to add functionality are the systems from Nexus Audio:


Other than that, your only other option I know of is the slider control (Monoprice also has these, same price as the rotary), which at least looks different from the knob.

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Not sure what you are hoping $100 will buy you. It's enough for a cheap universal remote, but that's about it. A custom wireless remote volume control solution of some type is not out there that I'm aware of at anything like a reasonable price, and if it is out there (like the Nexus), I would expect it to be fairly expensive for the keypads, and also require a specific device at the head end of the system.
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I like the look of the slider.

Do a Google image search of "in wall" volume control. Most rotary, some sliders, some digital.

Decora slider might be the ticket, with a screwless Lutron (or OnQ) wall plate.
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In my experience, slider volume controls wear out much faster than rotary ones. Just fyi.
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Originally Posted by fpp777 View Post

Thanks, that is what I have now.

I would argue that the Monoprice volume control knob is up to date. With the wireless connectivity of AVR's you can control many functions with the available phone/tablet apps (including volume) and use the volume knob to adjust just that particular room's volume. Zone 1 functionality with the phone/table app is robust while of course AVR's do no processing or much of anything in Zone 2 and so you generally can control volume in zone 2, source, and song skip, rewind, fast forward and not much else. Zone 3 then is even more restrictive since volume is fixed and you are forced to have a volume control knob since that is the only way to control volume from the zone. Some AVR's limit zone 2 with no volume control so even less functionality. If you want digital and modern, keep a dedicated ipod mounted to the wall but removable next to the volume button. A knock off Android tablet is even cheaper. You get a lot of control and even get the album art displaying on the screen. Going to a Sonos type system and the world opens up even more and so does your wallet.
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