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PA75u now with 10% off at Newegg. Total 585 with free shipping. Tempting.
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If only , if only, I waited a few weeks I could have saved at least $ 60.
Oh well that's life.
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Please can you tell me what is the diagonal in inches of the screen that you projecting your LG, considering the statement that you are not satisfied from the brightness?
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I was projecting it at about 95 inches but now I have it at around 80.
For me I guess the projector will have to be good enough and a hold over until a affordable LED 1080P projector comes on the market.
This LGPA75U is good enough and is a good multimedia projector for TV , games, movies but so so for computer graphics.
Yes you can surf the web with it but the picture quality is so so but it will get you by and readable.
Games I have played on it ?
I tested it with Heavy Rain it passed the picture quality test for that game.
Call of duty 4 modern warfare is ok.
Ratched and Clank it passed the picture quality test.
All those games was played on the PS3.
Cities XL ? the picture quality is so so, but playable.
Maybe it's because it's a computer based computer game.
Maybe the graphics card might have something to do with it or the problem with computer graphics not being able to map the square pixels into diamond pixels.
The brightness is good in some areas but not for 3D.
Movies so far looked good.
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Thank you for your reply, and I assumed that for 80 inches is ok! But reading the forum i am very skeptical about the lg pa 70 g. I had the lg HW300 g and i sold it after one week losing 300 euro! I could'nt accept a projection at 80 inches and be so dim, 55 inches was ok, that's why I still have a fear!
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I have the LG HX300 and never was happy with it LG says it's 300 Lumens but people who posted here on AVS who read or seen people who tested it say it's 280 Lumens.
I bought the LG PA75U about 4 weeks ago the only thing I am not happy with is playing one game on the computer Cities XL.

Yes I realize that the projector is 720P and my computer monitor is 1080P so I had my expectations way out of what they were suppose to be for that game.
However ? games on the PS3 especially when playing Ratchet and Clank on my other projector the LG HX300 that not only meet my expectations I am happy with how everything looks on the PA75U with all the games I have played.

If there is a that you might be able to go to a store over there that might have a demo model of the LGPA70G or the LGPA75U maybe you can go and see if it meets your expectations or not.
By the way I know there are going to be those who say this is suppose to be the Acer K335 thread and why are you talking about the LG models.

Well, I was going to either by the Acer K335 or the Vivitek Qumi 7 but they were suppose to come out this summer and they still have not come out yet here in the USA.
Besides I don't think many would buy those projectors with the $ 1000 retail price with only 720P.

Actually ? the Vivitek Qumi 7 is only 100 Lumens more than the LG PA75U so what would justify the difference of $ 350 ? beside the Qumi 7 does not have a built in TV Tuner in which I needed.

What people don't realize is that all those 3 projectors might have the exactly the same DMD DLP chip sets, and Luminus Phlatlight light engines.

I don't see any reason why they would not.

The LGPA70G or the LG PA75U might have the Phaltlight LEDs down rated but maybe the same Luminus Phaltlight LEDs in the Qumi 7 and the Acer K335.

At least all those projectors have the same Texas Instruments DLP chip sets.

I am guessing there might be even away to bump up the lumens on the LG PA75U and 70 G projectors with some kind way of getting into the service menu and adjust the amps for the LEDs.
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Thank you for your reply!
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If you can wait LG will be coming out with a new projector with 1080P.

It's the LG PF80G 1080P with 1,000 lumens.

Since this new LG projector is coming out I don't think many will be buying the Acer K335 or the Vivitek Qumi 7 because ? what's the point ?
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I personally couldn`t wait. Its gonna be a while before we see any decent reviews of LG`s new model and then even more time before its faults gonna be discovered and fixed- will be more than happy to join the crowd once second batch is out. This being said I purchased PA75U recently for 460USD - prices came down as expected and so far this is the best that`s out there within this spec/price range.
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Acer K335 on sale right now @ Amazon and Newegg $579.99  :)








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Acer K335 on sale @ Newegg and Amazon $579.99 ;)

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Wow he drilled that thing. Safe to say this thread is over.
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