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PSN: Scarpad
Region: East
Genre: FPS, Sports
Games so far:COD:Ghosts, BF4, Knack, Killzone, resogun, Blacklight

Hit me up.
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PSN: BubbleButtKrissy


feel free to add me (make sure you say yer from AVS on the request)

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PSN: motherless
PS3 and PS4. I have to put on the disclaimer that I don't play online much. I am on California time (Silicon Valley) and don't start to play until about 9pm PST.
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PSN: darknesslips

PS3 and PS4 All genres, but I rarely touch my ps3 now.  Eastern US

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PSN: Arcadia808
New to ps network.
Adventure and coop type games.
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Just got my PS4 Guys, add me thr336m4fya
New York, USA
I play all types of games, shooters(Cod, Killzone) , sport games ( fifa) but mostly racing games such as need for speed etc
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You guys can add me. I'm Pixilox on both PS3/4. My work schedule is a little erratic right now but it should calm down after the holidays and I hope to add to my game collection so I'll have something to play with someone smile.gif.
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Please add to list hello all smile.gif
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I added most of you above. I'm looking for PS3 owners since i don't have a PS4 yet. And because PS3 owners can't see PS4 friends online anyway.
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Psn: Troy_Digital
All genres

Anyone feel free to add me.
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PSN: Scoobdude
region: Texas (its a region in itself right?)
Games: adventure(tomb raider/uncharted), arcade racers(NFS/Burnout), co op(resogun), sidescollers(rayman), etc.
Console: PS3/ PS4/ Vita

Note: work/holiday schedule is up in the air right now so I have not been playing to much. But when I do its to have fun.
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PSN: Bytehoven
Region: Mid Atlantic - USA
Games: BF4
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Thread Starter 
Everyone should be added to the first post now. I added a Mid Atlantic region as well, moving people to it as appropriate. Also, a link to the fix for sticking shoulder button issues has been posted there too.

Welcome once again to all the new members!
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Haven't been here in a while, just got a PS4. I live in the NorthEast and play mostly shooters, and I suck at Madden but play it sometimes.

PSN - HazeDG13

Current PS4 game catalog:

Killzone Shadow Fall
Battlefield 4
COD Ghosts
Madden 25

Add me, I'm looking for more PS4 people.
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im in Southeast MI. MIDWEST

I have a PS4

i play shooters, RPG's, and adventure games

right now i own BF4 and i have Killzone coming in the mail. i have also preordered Destiny
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I was originally on the list but asked to be removed when I wasn't getting the ps4 at launch. I just got it, and would love to add some people to play with. My ID is AMER1CAN_GUNNER and I am in the southwest. I play pretty much everything.
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AVS helped me choose my TV now it's time to game. I have the PS3, PS4 and Vita. I love shooters, fighting games and will be trying RPG when Final Fantasy is released.

PSN: Iczerlion

Currently playing:
Battlefield 4
Assassin's Creed: Black Jack
Injustice (trying to play)
PlayStation All-Stars

Sent from my BN NookHD+ using Tapatalk
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Im ready for new games
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Hello all. I haven't had a PS since the original one. Just got a PS4 a couple of weeks ago and am loving it. It would be great to be added to this list. Thanks!

Location: North Central in Minnesota
PSN: octavarium1970
Genres: RPGS, Shooters, Action/Adventure, Sports
Currently playing: Killzone Shadowfall
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PSN: maleficent127
Location: Northeast
Genres: most
Playing: BF4 (killzone, NFS)
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PSN BradCompany

Have Ghosts,BF4,and Killzone.
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