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I saw a price of $13K USD... Still not cheap.
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They do not say that Auro is extra. But as with all SSPs to have Auro - it's a chargeable add on.
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I find myself in a similar situation. I have the ADA rhapsody along with the Trinnov MC8.
The Trinnov Altitude32 looks very interesting but without decoding is of little use
To use the datasat Ls10 I would have to add various circuit boards to accomodate the extra speakers and analogue out if I want room correction.
Without room correction on the LS10 it would'nt be much better than the Marantz AV8001 for a very much cheaper price

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I can assure you that even without room correction the LS10 will be quite a step up above the marantz. The dacs are much superior over the marantz and then there is the processing.

A friend had the Ada suite 7.1HD and now uses the marantz due to down grading. The sound quality of the marantz with audyssey engaged is not as good as the Ada suite 7.1HD.

I used to have the suite hd then the crm4 which was a bit better in sq than the suite 7.1hd. I then added the trinnov mc to my crm4 and now have the Datasat RS20i. Even with Dirac turned off the Datasat sounds much more cinematic than the crm4 and trinnov.

The sound quality of the RS20i and LS10 are supposed to be the same just minus the flexibility and Dirac.
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hi nick,
I know that you had the MC8, i think I have that particular unit(from Keith at purite) I am not getting at the datasat but the room does play a important part in how one hears the end result, also heard the rs20 at andy bone's house, very good.
I have to make a decision will the Ls10 be better on it's own or with it playing into the Trinnov MC8.

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Ah ha! small world.

I would upgrade the crm4 to the LS10 or RS20i if you can so you can use your aes input card on the trinnov mc that you have. The dacs on the trinnov are very good and the room correction will of course improve upon the LS10 performance.
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Thanks nick,

The RS20i is just a little out of reach for me, i have been in touch with Keith forbadvice but he is not a multichannel user.
While i am in contact with you,have you any idea what boards are in the MC8, and what i would need to pass the LS10 to the Trinnov.

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Well if its the unit I had then I believe it has 8 analogue in and out and 8 digi aes in / out. So you would really need another 8 channel analogue in and out cards to make full use of the LS10s outputs.

You may be able to contact Trinnov France and see if they will do you a deal to exchange your 8 chan digi card for analogue cards. But I think you may be looking at around £4000 for an extra 8 channel analogue in / out. If I recall they are £2000 each card.
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Thanks for that,

I thought that was the situation and why I was hoping that the new processor from trinnov would include decoding and then I could part exchange my unit for it.
Perhaps a manual set up of the LS10 by Genesis might be ok.

Thanks for your help, things are never straight forward.

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Well Andy is running his RS20i with just PEQ ATM and he says it sounds stunning, so I would imagine a fully calibrated LS10 to sound very good indeed!
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Iam wating for andy to get the LS10 and then go across, I might go earlier to his hear is RS20i.
I will also contact keith if I can swap the digital boards out to see if I can reduce the cost.
Again thanks for help

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Originally Posted by djnickuk View Post

The dacs are much superior over the marantz and then there is the processing.
What processing? Are you talking about the option to buy Auro or is there some other processing that the LS10 has that the 8801 doesn't have?
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Indeed, the extra processing that comes with the auro up mixer. Plus the fact it's native processing speed is at 96/24 with the ability to operate at 192/24.
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We are running just PEQ at the mo so it will sound the same as the LS10 even the channels are maped the same and to be fair I'm blown away with how good it sounds, we did have the right man on the job though ( Graham from Genesis ). The reson we are on PEQ is that we are waiting for Genesis to get a new install kit, Auro update and a change of rear subs ( asthetics only for subs )
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Marantz 8801 op amps have too much hiss for high sens. speakers. Im not impressed with that aspect of their circuit. Adding inline resistors (pads) may reduce s/n ratio a little according to some circuit designers i have emailed.

I havent tested datasat personally to be sure to provide a testimonial on this issue.
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