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Ok, so I bought this refurbished Onkyo on A4less couple days ago and I started testing it with my bluray and comcast cable modem. I noticed that a picture quality is not the same on direct connection (comcast -> TV) and on comcast -> Onkyo -> TV. On the USAHD channel, when I compare USAHD logo in the right bottom corner, using Onkyo this logo looks much worse than on direct connection (I mean, there is strange 'drizzling' or 'vibrating' effect). Mostly, HDMI regular picture looks ok, but these logos on programs are really annoying. I tried different HDMI cables, there is the same problem.
And now, there is the worst part (and the most disappointing part). I contacted with A4less and asked them about any possible reasons. They are trying to tell me that all my cables are defective (strange) and I should definitely buy their cables ASAP (what a wonderful idea!). I bought my new cables on amazon:

I also tried my friend's cables and the problem is the same. I'm writing this thread because official support A4Less is not able to give me any valuable ideas, I'm a huge disappointment with them and I really don't know what should I do here. Could you give me any hints, what can cause this kind of problem?

Thanks for any help!