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RF Remote Recommendations for AV

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I'm hoping I can get some recommendations for a RF remote for my AV setup. Currently using a Harmony 700 to control my living room setup but I'm switching to a closed-face Ikea Besta unit and I need RF. I'm really torn between one of the new Harmony Ultimate remotes or going with something from Universal Remote Control.

I'm very computer literate and should be fine with programming the devices. I'm already familiar with Harmony software and their support line. I don't have any URC programming software but not afraid of using it.

I don't have any Bluetooth devices currently, but I could see a need for them in the future with the new Xbox and Playstations when they're released.

Some main features I'm looking for:
  • Control separate AV zones with Pioneer receiver.
  • State control (like on Harmony)- e.g. the ability to switch between Blu-Ray, FiOS, and TV's Netflix app.
  • Easy for my CE unfriendly in-laws to use (Harmony 700 can be rough on them- the Harmony Ultimate's direct channel selection may help)
  • I like buttons. I've never used it, but I'm not sold on the Ultimate's touch screen. I previously had a Harmony One and did not like the touch screen.
  • Needs YBRG/RGBY buttons.

My devices:
  • Panasonic TC-P60GT50 (IR)
  • FiOS STB (IR and 3.5mm input)
  • Panasonic Blu-Ray (IR)
  • Xbox 360 (IR)
  • Pioneer SC-1522-k (IR and 3.5mm input/dual output)
  • Klipsch RW-12d subwoofer (IR)
  • Logitech TV Cam HD (IR)

Potential future devices:
  • Xbox One or PS4 (potential Bluetooth controller)
  • Gas fireplace control (currently using a wall switch)
  • Lighting around TV or in-ceiling (don't have any currently)
  • Fan control (currently using wall switch, plus there's a remote)

Any suggestions? MX-890? Harmony Ultimate?
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Cheapest, simplest solution would be a Next Generation RF system for your 700.
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Originally Posted by mdavej View Post

Cheapest, simplest solution would be a Next Generation RF system for your 700.

I recently got one of these for my URC R40 and it works great. Highly recommended!
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My problem with my Harmony 700 is that it only supports 6 devices. I've already reached the limit of its capabilities, especially when I add additional devices for separate zone control.
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Not trying to talk you out of it, but if you use myharmony.com to set up your 700, you get 8 devices (but lose sequences). And multi-zone need not mean multi-device. The harmony 900 is the next logical step up, 15 devices and RF, but no sequences either. If you don't know what a sequence is, then you'll be fine with the 900. URC is a good option as well. I personally use the Xsight Touch, but they can be hard to find.

For simple devices like subs, it's easy enough to add the few commands you need to an existing device, hence not using an additional device for it.
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I do need a minimum set of sequences. E.g. in order to exit properly from the Panasonic Viera apps mode and return to TV mode, I had to add a sequence to hit the Internet button twice then Select.

Thanks for the tip on increasing devices using MyHarmony.com setup. What a crockery that they limit to less devices when using the desktop app!!!
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Is there anyway to control back lighting around a TV? I'd like to add that to my living room but I'd need a way to control it, preferably with a remote.

Would I be able to do this with a Harmony Ultimate or would I need a URC?

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Philips Hue plus Ultimate.
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