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Need a PVR for CCTV!!

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Ok so here's the deal. We have two services at our church but only one pastor. So we have the sermon live streamed to the other end of the building where the contemporary service is. The problem with this is we have to time our service perfectly to tune in to the Sermon on time. It is streamed over ethernet and hooked up to a switch that outputs standard def RCA. We need to be able to record the sermon and start it late if need be. A PVR/DVR that can interface with a PC would be preferred so the menus can be navigated behind the scenes. Can anyone suggest a device with this capability?
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You are in the wrong forum for that question. Try posting it in either of these two forums:
HDTV Recorders
DVD Recorders

You may have the most luck in the DVD Recorder forum. There is a guy in there called "Church AV Guy" who does this sort of thing for his church.
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