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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

As for home? There are still a lot needed to be fixed such as bringing (minimum of) 10-bit video, 4:4:4 colour, frame-by-frame compression for the home instead of jumping to 4K but being stuck with the 8-bit 4:2:0 and group-of-picture compression.

What, intraframe compression like MJPEG? File sizes for 2k (much less 4k) movies would be enormous. So interframe coding won't be going away. Closed GOPs, as on Blu-Ray, of 24 frames or less are still reasonably seekable. Improved color space would be nice though.

I have to wonder if all this (4k standards, hardware, and especially content) is going anywhere any time soon. We're seeing hardware before the spec is firmed up, while content is severely limited and exclusive to a proprietary Sony server.

DVD replaced VHS relatively quickly, but Blu-ray has not ousted DVD yet. Most folks now have a flat panel. And many members here, who of all people you'd expect to be avid for the next improvements, have expressed the intention to wait and see.
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True, by using intraframe MJPEG, the file size will be about 4x larger. However, when comparing intraframe 2K vs interframe 4K, the file size is virtually identical and you will see much smoother panning and cleaner fast motion scenes by using intraframe.
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Certainly. No motion vectors and error correction needed. Detail is preserved.

As I understand it, the thinking behind HEVC is that AVC preserves too much detail in motion, at the cost of large-scale artifacting. Detail that supposedly is not noticeable in motion scenes. So you can get shimmery effects with, say, rippling water or leaves moving in the wind. It's not bad at high enough bitrates, of course, but it's inherent.

HEVC sacrifices some of that detail to reduce artifacting and improve compression. From what I've seen so far, HEVC (H265) does look substantially better (at 1080p).

I confess I haven't seen a 4k (or UHD, whatever name sticks) TV yet. Maybe it would be worth trying to preserve more detail, I dunno.
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Well I can say that I wasn't big on at home 3D my mind was changed when I bought my LG 84LM9600 the best 3D you can buy in a home environment. Whether or not anyone thinks 3D is dead ALL of the other UHD panels on the market offer that feature and this doesn't so imo this panel isn't worth the price. Maybe at half the price it would be different.
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any idea if the 2 models are really on sale in anywhere now? I can't really find them, not in amazon for sure.....
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Dude, that's LG, not JVC.....
Anyway, where can I get the clip?

And where can I buy JVC?
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I know just thought it was funny.
Just click the YT icon on the bottom of the video.
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