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The PlayStation 4 Camera

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First we had the EyeToy on the PS2, then we had the PSEye on the PS3. The name for the next gen unit is simply the PlayStation 4 Camera.

The newly developed PlayStation Camera for PlayStation 4 incorporates two high-sensitive cameras that have wide-angle lenses with 85-degree diagonal angle views which can recognize the depth of space precisely.

Product Specifications

External Dimensions: Approx. 186mm x 27mm x 27mm (width x height x depth) (tentative)
Weight: Approx. 183g (tentative)
Video Pixel: (Maximum) 1280x800 pixel x2
Video Frame Rate: 1280x800 pixel @ 60fps / 640x400 pixel @ 120fps / 320@192 pixel @ 240fps
Video Format: RAW, YUV (uncompressed)
Lens: Dual Lenses, F value / F2.0 fixed focus
Capture Range: 30cm~∞
Field-of-View: 85°
Microphone: 4-Channel microphone array
Connection Type: PS4 dedicated connector (AUX connector)
Cable Length: Approx. 2m (tentative)

It is not packaged with the PS4, and the cost is $60. Besides functioning for various apps like video chatting and making gamer vids, there will of course be games that support the unit for interactive video and audio input. The new DualShock 4 controllers have light bars on the back that can interact with the PS4 Camera, and the PS3's Move controllers work with it as well.

Here are clips from one of the AR apps called The PlayRoom:

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Even though it's likely to not get a ton of support from developers the tech demos have sold me on it. I won't get it right away but down the line I'll pick one up after another controller, charging station and games games games. I didn't buy any additional games for the PSEye but I still get hooked on ping pong every blue moon on Move Sports Champion. Interested to see what they come up with other than what's in the videos.
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Ok, since both PS4 and Xbox One have proprietary connectors now, how am I supposed to get either one from the rack in the back of my room?

Since everything is not backwards compatible, a new rack in the front of my room may be in the cards.
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I tried it with Killzone and did not see the advantage over the controller. If they come out with a new disc golf game I will be all over that. Otherwise I will wait on it.
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I really like the House of the Dead games with motion because of the point and shoot, real arcade feeling. I played Heavy Rain with the motion controls and thought it was excellent. They were added in a patch, but are so well done you'll think the game was made with them in mind. I have high hopes that Beyond Two Souls will have an even better motion control scheme. Motion controls that actually add something, rather than just being less intuitive to play, are a welcome addition to stuff I like to play.

Shame it won't be in every box. I'll have the new one at launch or close to it.
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It's been confirmed by Yoshida that a gamer can use the PlayStation 4 Camera to provide live video commentary on top of the game you are streaming on Twitch or UStream. Of course you can then later dig into the archive and make a YouTube video of whatever you want.

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Sound like this one is a lot better than the one for the Move.
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Facial recognition and voice command tech have been confirmed by Sony to be supported by the PlayStation Camera:

PlayStation 4 will feature voice command capabilities through its Eye camera peripheral, Sony confirmed with Polygon.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29," a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson told Polygon.

During Sony's presentation at the recent GameStop Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, SCEA's group manager of retail training and advocacy Sean Coleman outlined PlayStation 4 features, including a brief overview of the camera's capabilities.

In video captured of the presentation by YouTube user lex1020 (seen below at the 5:30 mark), a description of the camera reads "From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming."

"When you add the PlayStation camera into the mix, the pair works together to expand upon system features and enhance your PlayStation 4 experience," Coleman says. "The new stereoscopic lenses track your body movements in games or even recognize your face easier system navigation."

PlayStation 4 will launch on Nov. 15 in North America for $399 and Nov. 29 in Europe for €399. PlayStation Eye camera will be sold separately and will retail for $59 in North America and €49 in Europe.

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My TV already has a TV and microphone built-in that I disabled so it wouldn't constantly listen and watch me. Not paying an extra 60 bucks so a game machine can have the same capabilities.
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I'm sure you can disable the option. This ain't 1984 yet.
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The difficult-to-find PS4 Camera is now back in stock at Best Buy or Amazon.com. Anyone with interest in broadcasting their gameplay sessions should hop on it.

UPDATE: It sold out quickly.
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