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You gotta be freakin' kidding me, it was that wire :D!!

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Ocassionally I play a disc in my 3D blu ray, and there would be sound but no picture...the picture would come back after playing around with the components. But it was a really long, and apparently permanent episode this time. Theres a million wires In the back of the system. I tried turning the power off to reboot everything (usually works), nothing. Messed with the wires to the TV, player, reciever, and infrared surround speaker transmitter, nothing. I thought it was the reciever, so I put the manual disc in the computer. The troubleshoot said something about having the same type of HDMI wires throughout the system smile.gif....more on that later smile.gif.

The reciever was connected to the player with a Monster HDMI cable. I had an extra one in the closet, so I swapped them, nothing. When I took the HDMI cable out of the reciever and went directly to the tv, the picture was there! So now I 'm certain that it not the tv, player, or wire, but the RECIEVER. After playing with the wires for a little and shutting the power off, I'm getting very frustrated, and I'm gonna give up and call best buy tomorrow. Didn't want to go through the customer service hassle, but I had no choice.

As a last resort, I started unplugging and replugging various wires. Best Buy hooked the system up, and I thought it was odd that they used a "Rocket Fish" HDMI wire to go fromvthe Reciever Out to the TV smile.gif...I thought to myself, I would have bought a Monster. Just out of curiosity I thought, why dont I swap that Rocket Fish wire for the spare Monster smile.gif? I was expecting that dang "no signal" message for the 900th time-but that was it, that freakin Rocket Fish wire biggrin.gif! The Best Buy guys hooked that rinky dink wire in there, and it couldn't handle the signal! It was never the tv, reciever, or blu ray, they're all fine, it was one flimsy wire smile.gif!

The troubleshooter kinda had it right, I had to put the rest together smile.gif!
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Why are you buying monster or rocketfish in the first place???
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I call BS on this, there is NO difference between Rocketfish and Monster HDMI cables, or any other brand, really.

Monster is the biggest load of bull there is in the AV world.

Honestly this entire post reads like it was written by a paid shill for Monster Cables, and is a stealth ad. How much do they pay you to write this stuff? Sales ads have a certain tone to them and so does this one.

I hesitate to call a member an outright scammer since AndreHD is a "senior member", but I have my doubts. At the very least, it's a completely incoherent post that's highly delusional about cables (they either pass through the signal or don't, maybe his "rinky dink" RocketFish were HDMI 1.0 and technically couldn't pass through a 3D signal?
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but in regard to cabling, the term HDMI 1.3 is not sufficiently precise. What you need to look for is "High Speed".

From Wikipedia:

"HDMI 1.3 defines two cable categories: Category 1-certified cables, which have been tested at 74.5 MHz (which would include resolutions such as 720p60 and 1080i60), and Category 2-certified cables, which have been tested at 340 MHz (which would include resolutions such as 1080p60 and 2160p30)."

"Category 1 HDMI cables are marketed as "Standard" and Category 2 HDMI cables as "High Speed"."

So just go to Monoprice and get a "High Speed" cable of the appropriate length. If you buy Monster, you're a sucker. tongue.gif

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I don't know, my son in law bought Monster cables and now he gets great 3d. He doesn't even own a 3d TV! Also his broken down Chevy started running again, and the hair on his head has started growing back. Monster cables really are the best.
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