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MAD MAX: Open world wasteland action from Avalanche Studios PS3/PS4

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Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Release date: 2014

Official Website
Play as Mad Max, a lone warrior who must embark on a dangerous journey
after his Interceptor is stolen by a deadly gang of marauders. A reluctant
hero with an instinct for survival, Max wants nothing more than to leave
the madness behind and find solace in the storied “Plains of Silence”.

Eurogamer has a preview of Mad Max based on a demo they got to see at E3. I would've been a lot more excited for this if they'd shown some gameplay instead of just a teaser. Can't wait for this one now!

One of your best modes of defence is your harpoon gun, a returning favourite from Just Cause 2. With this comically cool weapon, you're able to attach any two things: simply latch it on to two enemy vehicles and watch them spin out of control together. If it's anything like it was in Just Cause 2, I'm sure it will have far more inventive uses that we've not thought of yet. At the very least, expect to see some unlucky folks getting hogtied to jeeps.
The build I see is pre-alpha, but running on a PlayStation 4. A few of the animations are still ropey, but on the whole Mad Max looks great, even if that doesn't come through in screenshots. The greyish brown Australian outback is a dreary place comprised primarily of sand and rocks, but the sand looks great, especially as it blows around the environment, sometimes obscuring your vision during certain off-road encounters. The rocks aren't bad either, and chunks of them will often break off as your war machine smashes about. Elsewhere, the incredible draw distance alleviates one of the biggest bugbears of this generation where environmental assets distractedly load right in front of your very eyes.

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I'm still mad that they trolled me hard by throwing this right behind Bethesda's Oblivion Online.


Gonna take a few to get over that.

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Yeah, they got me too. mad.gif

Yesterday Bethesda was supposed to show an unannounced game to the press behind closed doors. Maybe we'll get some news soon.
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Fallout Boston by the FO3 team plz and thank you! NV felt familiar, but there was something "off" about it, especially the map design.
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I have faith in the Just Cause team to not just put out some licensed garbage. The final product should be pretty interesting.

BTW, I skipped Fallout because of all of the glitch complaints I heard.
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Hope they stick to their guns smile.gif and deliver a good GAME, without the MOVIE part. No lazy design, no shortcuts to get it done in 6 months, no pudding headed story written by an 8th grader during lunch.

JB, you should try out the patched up version of Fallout 3. I only had the occasional issue after they put in their fix, no worse that anything else really. Original without the extra stuff has to be dirt cheap these days.
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My backlog that I want to get through before the PS4 launch is already going to be tough to whittle down. I'll keep it in mind though.
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Fallout 3 was the best game of the last generation. Especially on a nice PC. You can run some really nice mods on that thing, and make it look almost next-gen with all the high-res texture packs and such.

When I first saw the Mad Max thing, I was thinking Fallout 4, and yeah, they got me. I was disappointed, but at the same time I think Mad Max is a cool idea, so I want to see what they do with it. Is this game also coming to XB1 or is it an exclusive ? I'm assuming it's 2014 right ?
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It's not an exclusive, and it's slated for 2014.

I'll add to the recommendations for Fallout 3; a terrific open-world game.
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So... I've been reading that the game is not even set in Australia. That seems like such a pointless change. No sign of his dog yet either.

There's still time for them to get their act together and do this right. mad.gif
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A new trailer today with a little gameplay.

Car combat looks fun but I do wonder if they'll be able to find enough stuff for players to do in a desert wasteland.
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Looks like a reskinned MotorStorm.

I'll wait for more information, but seems like it wouldn't do well...
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Originally Posted by Slacker George View Post

Car combat looks fun but I do wonder if they'll be able to find enough stuff for players to do in a desert wasteland.


That said, that game is more about loot collection and over the top arcade gun battles….
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Mad Max looks like a douche bag. But this game does have promise since it's from the maker of the very fun Just Cause 2. I do hope they tone down the douchey look of Max though. He's supposed to look like a hardened survivor, not a douche bag fashion model.

Exhibit A, Douche Bag:

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Look. These developers are making an action game based on a movie franchise that's been around since the Seventies, had a giant box office in the Eighties, and is currently getting a reboot for current audiences. They are obviously trying to save some dough by avoiding paying Mel Gibson for his mug. Doesn't really make a difference to the game, and they can take those millions and spend them on actual game related stuff.

He's got the squeaking knee brace, the double-barrel with one chamber probably empty, and the car. That's all you need in a game like this. The money NOT spent on Mel's likeness should be used to get Ford Australia to give them full use of the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT 351 likeness as it appeared in The Road Warrior.

Car likeness is money much better spent in a game like this.
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I'm still baffled they couldn't hire some Australian voice actors. It's just a small thing but would add a lot more personality to the game in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Slacker George View Post

I'm still baffled they couldn't hire some Australian voice actors. It's just a small thing but would add a lot more personality to the game in my opinion.

During E3 there was apparently a lot of feedback to the developer:
Today, Avalanche Studio founder and chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg confirmed that following the fan response, the game will now seek out an Australian to voice the part.

“Attn. fans who want Max to have an Aussie accent in #MadMaxGame : It shall be so. We admire your loyalty. You have been heard,” he said on Twitter.

The whole (small) article is here.

Fingers crossed.
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Nice find, thanks. I feel better now.
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Three new screenshots.

Nothing much else going on besides a video comic from last week. I'll add it to the OP.
Part One
Part Two
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Impressions from Gamescom:

First up a video from Gamespot talking about the demo they got to play. (Just talk. No new gameplay video)

Your mechanic, Chumbucket, is an Igor-type character that rides around with you. Mans the harpoon gun in your vehicle.

Hand to hand combat not that impressive, "too gamey". Vehicular combat much more fun.

You do various missions for local strongholds to gain favor and earn scrap to upgrade your car.

Some missions involve stealing certain unique vehicles for stronghold leaders and delivering them.

Convoys will appear out in the wasteland and can be attacked to earn favor with the local strong hold.

Sometime enemies will pop out of dunes to attack you.

Upgrades include a battering ram and flame retardant paint.

Scrap was very easy to come by and fuel was not treated as a scarce resource.
Scrap and fuel were set up that way for demo purposes maybe. I hope.

For starters, while playing as Mad Max, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize, craft and upgrade his weapons and gear, turning the guy into the type of (road) warrior you want him to be. Along with a big, dangerous world full of marauders, the Wasteland offers “hostile weather patterns” where every scrap of junk you pull from the dirt and wreckage can be used to make your arsenal even better. See a comp of bandits? Raid it, lay waste to those foolish enough to stick around, then pick it clean of scrap metal, bolts, etc.

As such, he's now partnered with Chumbucket, a brilliant mechanic, to create his Magnum Opus, a brand new car that will take Max to the stronghold of his foe, on the opposite side of the Wasteland.

To build his ride, Max will go on a series of adventures, many involving the theft of legendary vehicles that have different parts, from powerful engines, to transmissions, or other parts.
These cars are usually in bandit settlements filled with ruthless enemies that don't take too kindly to Max's mad ways and his plans with their rides.

As such, he needs to adopt different tactics for different settlements, as well as to plan on how to take down pesky dangers, like snipers. Many different approaches are supported by the game, as is going in guns-blazing, wielding Max's trademark sawed off shotgun, while engaging in some really impressive hand to hand combat that's reminiscent of the FreeFlow combat from the Batman Arkham games.
The game is quite violent and this is even more apparent when it comes to the car combat, as players have the option to slow down time and aim at different parts of enemy cars in order to prompt explosions, collisions with other things on the road, or just flat tires that eliminate them from the encounter.
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A couple minutes of actual gameplay footage (offscreen) has been found.

Thanks to shinobi602 at NeoGAF for uncovering this.
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I'm a huge Mad Max fan, I hope this game doesn't suck. I would like to see it do well and make a ton of money so they keep making them.


I just wish Max could find another 1973 XB GT Ford coupe like his last one. Unfortunately the one he had blew up and it was the last of the V8s. The XB was such a bad ass car, a real shame they were only made in Australia. 



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AusGamers Mad Max Developer Interview with Avalanche Studios

A few highlights, there's much more at the link.

AusGamers: Coming back to the idea again that this is your own interpretation of Mad Max, I find it fascinating -- based on everything you guys have shown, and even the reaction that you had to our petition and the fans asking for the Aussie voice -- that the dog wasn’t included. It just seems like he would actually fit in this game, if anything, as a bridge for that caution and trepidation you’re talking about.

The dog doesn’t really play a huge part in the movies, but he’s like the one thing that Max is attached to other than his car. So I’m curious: did it ever come up?

Emil: Well, we haven’t announced all of the characters yet. That’s all I can say.

On the role fuel plays in the game:
Emil: But it’s also about all the gameplay time in vehicles. With the physics-based vehicle gameplay that we have set up, that uniquely lends itself to stuff like fuel consumption. So what kind of car you have, how much it weighs, what you have on it and the wheels -- that will affect fuel consumption; how you handle the throttle will affect fuel consumption. You could basically eco-drive if you wanted to.

That’s something that will be more important here, compared to a game like GTA, where it’s very much just get in and drive away type of cars. Even other games that have done it, like the Mafia games, it never really came into play, it was more of a thing for the sake of having it. Whereas, we’re really determined to have it have a real gameplay impact, and have you feel like this is something really valuable, without taking away your urge to actually drive and use cars and engage with vehicles.

AusGamers: Yeah. I know that the inspiration drawing from Mad Max 2 is mostly sand in the desert, but those characters also try to go to another place; to a tropical place. Are you guys incorporating anything like that? Will there be any variation or just only desert?

Emil: We have these different regions that have a different feel and look to them, and we’re showing off one of them in The Great White. There are others that look and feel different. A lot of it comes down to the history of the location: what was this before? So there’s a lot that we can draw from there, to make something unique to each region; not only unique in how they look, but defined by what kind of enemies and what kind of gameplay.

Obviously parts of Great White will be very flat sand in places, and there could potentially be more vertical regions like mountains.
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