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Advice needed to setup HT

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Hi Members,

Hope you all would be doing fine.

I needed piece of information from you guys and so just dropping few lines here. I am novice when it come to AV technology. I am planning to setup HT at my home where room size would be 11*11*10 (ft) (LBH). It is pretty dark room where I would be able to control lights with my curtains smile.gif

Can you please suggest me good AVR and projector for this size of room. This room can be called perfect square room with wooden flooring. Before I did thought of HTiB but then after referring to forums like AVS I did make my mind to purchase items separately and then to connect them (hope this is not that technical that I can't handle).

I had sort listed AVR like X4000 & 4250 (Denon) and for projector I did have preference to BENQ 1070 (as it is under 1000$). Can I have further choices of projectors which comes to near by range of 1000$ and are capable of giving good quality images. I require to understand that are these AVR too professional for simple guy like me to handle it. Can I get good result with simpler AVR as well. Problem here is I am from INDIA and have limited choices to shop these items as they are not easily available here. Even it is hard to find them for audition. Can someone help me to find place in New Delhi for such audition. Also are their any trust worth partners who can ship these items from UK/US to India.

I understand that my questions would be too simpler to be answered though support from you guys would be appreciated

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Hey Folk do I have someone around to help me clear my doubts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please also consider that I have budget of INR1.5L. So please advice me accordingly.
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No one to reply. By the way I am making deal with one of the seller on ebay to get me Denon X4000 shipped from US. Is it good idea of getting US product shipped to India. Though I fear that I might lapse warranty attached with the product. Just taking chance eek.gif

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Congratulations on the receiver.

There is a forum for video and projectors, you should take your request for information there. Good luck to you!
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Thanks for your response Nethawk.

I am totally newbie to A/V world I am strictly going by advice and recommendation made on this forum. I compared all product manuals and found that Denon X4000 would be well suited to my choice.

Also I need to make a point here. Please don't take it otherwise and em also not trying to offend any one. I found that everyone around praise Denon over all other products available in market currently. Is this situation actually correct that in AVR market no product currently stand out against Denon. I guess sony, yamaha, pioneer, marantz, nad and other companies are lacking technologically?

I felt just that any Denon product is hyped alot. (e.g. Lots of Onkyo models have Audessy XT32 but this feature is always bench-marked with Denon AVR.)

Once again please do not get offended but treat my query in good spirit.

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Hah, you will have to do better than that to offend smile.gif

It's all personal preference of course, but the most widely adopted receivers from price/performance and reliability seem to be shared by Denon and Yamaha. That's not the equivalent of saying that these manufacturers make better gear than their competitors! I've owned Denon for over a decade, Yamaha and Marantz prior to that, and have had an Onkyo in my system, removed only recently. They all get the job done in one way or another, but I am more comfortable with the capabilities (and understand their user interface) of Denon. I don't think you will offend anyone with your choice.

Here is the link to display devices forum, from within you will find a place to ask your projector questions.


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Thanks for sharing your opinion. I thought users may got baised toward Denon and neglected Yamaha and other products at all ( I see only countable users appreciating Yamaha system and its YPAO feature, sound quality but found hundreds of post appreciating Denon with Audyssey. Anyways you are right its all up to user's opinion and own comfort zone with system) wink.gif

Secondly I wanted your input as I would be finalizing my deal and payment for Denon X4000. One gentleman in another forum told me that importing AVR from US is not advice able as power system of both nation are different. In India we use 220V 50Hz whereas US product comes with 110V 60Hz. Though step down transformer may convert voltage difference but 50Hz cant be stepped up to 60Hz easily. He told that eventually system will get damage and I would standing in middle of nowhere without any warranty (as denon do not cover its product in warranty once shipped out of country) and cost of repairing its circuit board with take hell out of wallet. eek.gif

Seek your advice

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Sorry Bhavin, this is way beyond my area of knowledge. Unfortunately you are not getting any experts to contribute to this thread. While I keep referring you elsewhere, I'll do so again! Here is the link to the Denon X series discussion forum. I suggest you seek advice from these folks. Isn't the same 220v used in the UK? Anyway, hopefully you will get more help here.

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I'd suggest you purchase locally, that way you get warranty and correct power supply.
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Thanks for inputs,

I did cancel my order for AVR as it was not at all covered under warranty and return back offer was only limited to 14 days. Further even the shipment was not insured. Also we have problem with power supply as it is different in US and India.

Can anyone help me with website that can provide AVR with 220V and also covered with warranty???

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Thanks jdsmoothie,

I did contact these guys. But they are either not having this model or else they are charging too high price when compared with US price.
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Likely very true ... as it generally takes a few more months for the newer models to be out to the other regions in the world; however, purchasing from them you would be purchasing a 220V unit as well as one that comes with a 3 year warranty. Otherwise, any unit purchased in the USA would only have a valid warranty in the USA.

If you still prefer to purchase in the USA, give 200-Electronics a call as they modify electronics devices for use around the world. They have about a dozen Denon models listed in their site, although don't list the 4520CI.

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Yes thats very true,

But believe me price difference is too much. One is tempted to take chances with product from US or HK with much lesser cost.
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That's your call .... although I'd purchase a 220V unit regardless of the source of purchase.
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Bhabin, I was looking at your budget, 1.5L INR is roughly $2500, and I am assuming the budget is not just for AVR, but your total setup. Given that you are not likely to see US-level prices if you have to import a 220V AVR, you are going to pay $1000+ for your AVR, and roughly another $1000 for your projector. That does not leave much room for your speakers, as well as the Blu-ray and other sources you will need.

So, my curiosity is why you "need" (OK, if it is a "want" :-)) the X4000 or 4520? I am guessing it is because of Audyssey MultEQ XT32. Have to admit it was tempting for me too. But Audyssey MultEQ XT is nothing to sneeze at either, have you considered that in the lower-spec Denons? Maybe a X1000 would be enough for the size of room you mention, or any number of 2012 Denons with MultEQ XT? That would certainly leave better room in your budget for speakers.

Talking about speakers, what are you looking at? A while back I had read some interesting reviews on Sonodyne towers. Just curious if you have considered those?
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Hey shashchatter,

Thanks alot from your inputs.

The main issue regarding budget for AVR/Speaker and Projector mainly stops at "Ifs & but". We are not going to buy AVR/projectors on routine basis. Though we can upgrade our speakers, I don't want to regret over AVR (precisely). After couple of month seeing better deals coming my way I might think that I made blunder with specific AVR and I should have invested couple of more bucks for future safe AVR. Currently I might be tempted to spend budget of my projector for speakers as I think I will be going step by step making sure whatever I purchase should be best suited. Now this is human tendency/mentality of getting best.

But I do understand your advice as well. I can save lot of bucks by going with current flow of AVR and can invest remaining in better speaker set. That is why I am here on forum to get advice from you GENTLEMEN who can guide me enough to make me understand what would be sufficient as per my needs biggrin.gif

Yes costly AVR like Denon X4000/4250 became my choice after reading review from expert, but I never understood that even basic/midrange models are enough to meet my demands. Guys like you can help me out to sort out such things. (e.g.. Audyssey XT is enough to have for small room or need to go for XT32, Is Eq sub necessary? YPAO is worst compare to Audyssey or MCACC or other feautres?) Such questions keep on haunting which makes one much unstable while deciding AVR and other components. Audition for all components is impossible as I don't have awareness about their availability in my city (Delhi-NCR).

Regarding speaker I would be setting up step-by-step. I will be going for LCR main first. Later on I can concentrate on other speakers (as per configuration 7.2/9.2). I will be making my budget as per my home-ministry (wife) allows me to do so :-)

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Any purchase must of course take the max budget into consideration. Given your budget,, you would be better served with a X2000 and putting more into better quality speakers.
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I agree with jdsmoothie, X2000, the replacement for last year's AVR-2113 may work just fine for you.

These days AVRs are becoming obsolete faster than before, more and more encoding formats will show up requiring different codecs, HDMI specs keep changing, etc. The speakers will outlast your AVR (s), I'd decide on that first.
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Confused Confused Confused biggrin.gif

Started with Yamaha 473 as first choice. Jumped to 673 and later to 1010 Aventage. Then referred to few experts/consultants and forum and they suggest Denon (as I would need it 50% movies and 50% music and games). Once again started with 2113 then to 3313 and lastly stopped at X4000. But after reading your comments I do consider 3313 as better choice. I might be able to save couple of bucks and can use same for better pair for speakers.

Just considering myself novice, I wanted to understand what significant difference will it make in listening terms between Audyssey XT and XT32. Will XT32 give me actual CinemaScope/larger than life sound image? Will LFC feature (low freq containment) help ppl like me ( I stay in flat and have immediate neighbor next to the room. I hope LFC feature helps in reducing sound crossing walls and restore better sound image in room).

Do better speaker provide good sound result or better AVR produce better sound effects. I know lot of pplz had already talked about it and to my guess 90% agrees to with better speaker and normal AVR to fulfill requirements.

Inputs from you gentlemen makes be think twice before making blunder decision and love it when someone share good piece of knowledge.

Thanks for Moderators for allowing me to create such common thread " Advice needed to setup HT ".
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As already suggested, if budget is a concern, then stick with the X2000 + better quality speakers, otherwise, if you can afford the X4000, then the upgrade to XT32 as well as the LFC feature would both provide more favorable results.
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Hey guys,

I am settling between 3313CI or X4000. Hmmmm both would be sourced from US. Now the only point I need to understand is that can I trust Refurbished product. I am getting Denon 3313CI refurbished with 1 yr warranty and similarly Denon X4000 New sealed pack with 1 Yrs warranty. Which way should I move ahead?

What refurbished item exactly means in A/V field... I think meaning of refurbished are different in different techo fields:)

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Originally Posted by Bhavin Patel View Post

Hey guys,

I am settling between 3313CI or X4000. Hmmmm both would be sourced from US. Now the only point I need to understand is that can I trust Refurbished product. I am getting Denon 3313CI refurbished with 1 yr warranty and similarly Denon X4000 New sealed pack with 1 Yrs warranty. Which way should I move ahead?

What refurbished item exactly means in A/V field... I think meaning of refurbished are different in different techo fields:)


Hi Bhavin,

Refurbished can mean a variety of things, including customer returns due to any reason, factory b-stock with minor blemishes, outgoing models etc. Depending on where you get it, gettina refurbished product can save you a lot of money without sacrificing on quality.

As far as getting something from the US v India is concerned, you may have to just bite the bullet and get it in India. Unfortunately, market size, import duties, traditional dealer presence all contribute to things being much more expensive in India.

If you're looking to drive moderately sensitive speakers with an 8 ohm load, a lower model Denon/Onkyo/Yamaha would work. If you're looking at satellites/bookshelves, even a 1913 or Yamaha 673 would be adequate. I auditioned a Yamaha Aventage 1010 with a pair of Dynaudio bookshelves, and I was quite surprised at how well it could power them! Most of the companies you listed make similarly reliable products, so you can't really go wrong there.

To find a list of dealers in Delhi, try contacting A/V Max magazine. They have a show usually every year in Radisson, Noida, and there you can meet up with some of the dealers.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Raj,

Thanks for your inputs

It might help me deciding on purchase of product and surely can help me save few hundred $.

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