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terminate rgb twisted copper plenum wire?

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I know this is video, that's all gone hdmi etc.

I have a home with pre wired run from closet to wall with in wall plenum component wire thats twisted copper rather than coaxial.
the end by the wall has no rca plugs anymore, i need to fix that but dont know what connector i should get , if i should solder a video connection etc. also im new to all of this.
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any detailed help on how i can terminate this with rca plugs for goog video quality will be appreciated,

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I've used these two plugs and the build quality is pretty good.




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Hi AP,

Were those wires use for component-video in the past? How long is the run?

I don't believe that twisted-pair will work well for component video, but it is worth a try. I have used twisted pair (cat5e, to be exact) to carry HD component video by using a pair of Audio/Video Baluns, when I needed long runs. If straight RCA connectors don't work well, it is something else to look at.

Another thought, could those wires have been used for DVI video? DVI uses three twisted pair and can typically be connected to an HDMI input.
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Originally Posted by MarkHotchkiss View Post

DVI uses three twisted pair...
Four twisted pairs for the TMDS channels plus a bunch of other wires for digital, should be coax for analog (specification is for 75 ohm single ended connection) but I wouldn't put it past cheap cables to use twisted pair instead.


Are you sure they aren't miniature coax and not twisted pair? Do you know what the previous occupant used them for? Normally, if twisted pair is being used for component video, the cable is connected to a balun at each end, not terminated with RCA plugs. I guess it is possible that the previous occupant just used twisted pair with RCA plugs at both ends. If you want to try, just solder on RCA plugs. The cheapest you can find will be fine. If you don't like the result, try using baluns. If that doesn't work, there are powered devices that might work better.
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this is what's on each end in the wall and the closet
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Ya, those need some lovin'. lol. That's RGB3 mini RG59 cable. To keep the rca enda from coming off, you should use a crimp coaxial style rca connector for RG59. You'll need a ratchet crimp tool for the connector sleeve and a rotary dual blade RG59 stripper...one blade sets pvc jacket depth and the other cuts though the shield. I done hundreds of these connectors, mostly with BNC though.

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Yep, miniature coax. You can use solder, crimp or compression connectors. With the latter two, make sure they are for miniature coax, not RG-59 or RG-6. Something like this should do it. You will need the appropriate installation tool.
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