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I'm trying to get my Dad's surround sound system up and running again for Fathers Day but I'm really not great with home audio, I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

The system is a JVC TH-C6 -

It ate some kind of power surge and lost every input option other than AM/FM radio (although I did use this to verify all the speakers are working fine). I'm hoping to find a replacement head unit for the system but I can't seem to find anyone selling the exact DVD player head unit by itself, the only sellers I can find are selling the entire home theater kit.

I would gladly opt for another model but I don't know enough about home audio to be sure that that it will be compatible.

The worrying thing for me is the output to the subwoofer, it's labeled SP-PWC6 and I have no idea what kind of connection that is or how to tell if a new head unit will match up.

Other specs : Model No : XV-THC6 (this is the model number for the head unit itself)
Power : AC 120v-60Hz 16W

The actual function of the head unit isn't really important, DVD, Bluray or even just an audio unit - just whatever works to get the speakers back up and running.

Any suggestions or help is GREATLY appreciated, thank you in advance.