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4K on my Ultra + new: interlaced 4k !!!

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Hey ladies,

I found some time to shoot some resolutions (up to 4k) into my Ultra. It´s consumer 4k at 3840x2160 run in an 2,4:1 (22:9) aspect ratio resulting in an 3840 * 1600 resolution.
I use a Marquee 9500 Ultra with high resolution tubes (PT22) and HD10R5M curve screen lenses. The lenses are made for curve screens and based on the plain HD10 lenses.
So there should be more resolution possible with HFQs. The test pattern shows one pixel as one line, so the better you see each single line the better the resolution is resolved.
As 4k with one single projector was... well look for youself in the video, I also added blend resolutions. They got mastered by the Ultra!

Have fun:



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Did it - interlaced 4k or 4ki or UltraHDi. I was so excited, that I left everything behind, and did the 4k interlaced video before the others that will come. Soon I will do a how to interlace in Win Vista and Win 7 - all resolutions, refresh rates and aspect ratios. Just checking different ATI and Nvidia gernerations....

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Now, my new test sereis. I had no time to cut all parts together, but so I can skip very fast through my projectors. The first videos will show my very good 1272 running with 1920x800i48 vertivcal and horizontal, then 2560x1080i48. Let me say, in 2560 the desktop looked fine/ok, but it made no sense to increses resolution:





Ok gentleman, I hope you like quize games. What projector do I use in this videos. He is "King of Resolution" so far, and shows content/scan lines 3840x1600i48!!! Close to distracting, but nothing horizontal and Win Desktop looks ugly...








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